A huge volcano in Iceland has erupted for the fourth time in recent months

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A state of emergency has been entered announced in iceland The volcano erupted for the fourth time since December, spewing orange lava into the air.

“Warning: An eruption has begun in Reykjanes,” the Icelandic Meteorological Office said on its website on Saturday.

Ahead of latest volcanic eruption, Iceland Civil Protection warns About to break out.

“Scientists from the Icelandic Meteorological Office have been monitoring an increase in seismic activity on the Reykjanes Peninsula since October 24, which could signal an imminent eruption,” officials said.

Iceland volcano erupts weeks after increased seismic activity

Lava flows from fissures on the Reykjanes Peninsula, north of the evacuation town of Grindavik, in western Iceland, March 16, 2024, causing the Reykjavik skyline to appear against a backdrop of orange skies. (Haldo Corbins/AFP via Getty Images)

Icelandic police declared a state of emergency in the area and civil defense authorities sent a helicopter to investigate the extent of the eruption.

one of iceland Top tourist destinationsThe Blue Lagoon luxury geothermal spa closed after news of the explosion.

“We have evacuated and temporarily closed all operating units,” Blue Lagoon said on its website. “We will remain closed until Sunday, March 17. Further updates and information will be provided here.”

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Photos from a volcanic eruption show huge plumes of smoke and lava billowing around Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula.

On March 16, 2024, lava flowed from a crack on the Reykjanes Peninsula north of the evacuation town of Grindavik in western Iceland, turning the sky orange. Lava gushes from a new volcanic fissure on Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula on Saturday, marking the fourth volcanic eruption on Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula. Authorities say the area has been under attack since December. (Haldo Corbins/AFP via Getty Images)

Residents of the town have been evacuated since the volcano erupted in November.

“As a precautionary measure, the town was evacuated on November 10 to prioritize the safety of residents. The evacuation will remain in effect until Seismic activity weakens” the agency said.

Iceland volcano eruption watch: Official says authorities only get ’30 minutes notice’

This is the fourth eruption in recent months – the first occurred on December 18, the second on January 14 and the third on February 8.

Lava gushes from a new volcanic fissure on Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula on Saturday, authorities said, marking the region’s fourth eruption since December. (Haldo Corbins/AFP via Getty Images)

Iceland sits atop a volcanic hotspot in the North Atlantic and erupts on average every four to five years.

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The country has more than 30 active volcanoes.

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