After terror attacks, Russia sees US role and claims to be at war with NATO

RIGA, Latvia — After last month’s terrorist attack at the Crokes Town Hall concert hall outside Moscow, Russian officials not only blamed Ukraine but also repeatedly accused the West of involvement — even as U.S. officials insisted they gave Moscow specific warnings about the Islamic State Possible attack on the venue.

If the U.S. warning was so detailed, it would raise further questions about Russia’s failure to prevent the country’s worst terror attack in two decades. But Russian security officials have not publicly faced questions about their actions and have ignored Russian claims of responsibility. islamic state.

Instead, they insist that U.S. and British intelligence services were involved in helping Ukraine organize the attack.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov declined to comment on Wednesday Report The Washington Post stated that U.S. intelligence agencies specifically warned Russia that Crokus City Hall might become a target for terrorists. The New York Times published a similar report shortly after the Washington Post.

Russia’s Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev on Wednesday directly blamed Ukrainian security services for the attack on Krokus City Hall that killed at least 114 people. Patrushev also hinted at Western involvement.

A day earlier, he accused Western intelligence agencies of using terrorist groups to attack opponents.

“They are trying to make us think that the terrorist attacks were not carried out by the Kiev regime but by followers of radical Islamic ideology, possibly members of the Afghan branch. [the Islamic State]”Patrushev said at a meeting of secretaries of the Security Council of Shanghai Cooperation Organization member states in Astana, Kazakhstan. He said it was more important to find the “masterminds and sponsors” and directly blame the Ukrainian security services. He added that since the attack, many hoax bomb threats had been made on Ukrainian soil.

“This also shows that after reports of the terrorist attack on Krokus City Hall came out, the West began to insist that Ukraine not be involved in the crime,” Patrushev said.

Russia’s blame game comes amid increasingly confrontational anti-NATO rhetoric from top security officials, who insist the U.S.-led alliance is at “war” with Russia. Several of those officials have repeatedly hinted that Russia might use nuclear weapons.

NATO officials continue to insist that the alliance has the right to provide Ukraine with the weapons it needs to defend its territory.

Since the attack on Krokus City Hall, Russian officials have subtly described the violence as part of this “war” with little mention of the Islamic State’s Afghan branch, Islamic State-Khorasanor ISIS-K, the group that U.S. intelligence officials say is responsible.

U.S. intelligence agencies also warned last month that terrorists could attack a synagogue in Moscow. The day after receiving the warning, on March 7, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) Announce It prevented an ISIS-K attack on a Moscow synagogue.

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Asked whether the United States warned Russia that Krokus City Hall could be a terrorist target and whether the U.S. warning helped Russia’s Federal Security Service avoid a synagogue attack, Peskov declined to confirm the report on Wednesday.

“Okay, I get it,” he said. “This is not within our capabilities as this type of information exchange occurs at a professional services level and information is transferred directly between services.”

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova on Wednesday accused Washington of engaging in a disinformation campaign and said the U.S. government should prove that reports by The Washington Post and The Times were true by disclosing the timing and targets of detailed warnings.

At least two members of a group planning an attack on a synagogue were shot and killed by FSB agents during the arrest, according to Russia’s Federal Security Service. The group planned to use guns to attack the synagogue. Kazakhstan confirmed that two of its citizens were killed in the attack.

Four days after the attack on Krokus City Hall, Russia’s FSB chief Alexander Bortnikov blamed Ukraine and said Western security services were involved.

“We believe that this operation was planned by radical Islamists, and that Western security services naturally contributed to it, and Ukrainian security services were also directly involved,” Bortnikov told reporters.

Patrushev said in an interview with the newspaper “Argumenty i Fakty” published on Tuesday that Washington uses NATO as a tool to wage hybrid war and “undermine and dismantle the state governance systems of countries that do not agree with Anglo-Saxon policies.”

“At the same time, the alliance does not disdain the use of terrorist groups for its own benefit,” he said. He said NATO “has been a source of danger, crisis and conflict for many years.”

Three days before the Crokos town hall attack, Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed the U.S. warning as “blatant blackmail” and an attempt to “intimidate and destabilize our society.”

Putin and other Russian officials made no mention of intelligence provided by the United States related to the planned synagogue attack.

In an interview with “Argumenty i Fakty” on the morning of the strike at Krokus City Hall, Peskov said that NATO was waging a war against Russia, repeating key elements of the Kremlin’s propaganda used to justify Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and mobilize the Russian population. Support this war.

“We are at war. Yes, it started as a special military operation, but once that group formed there, when the West collectively became a participant on the Ukrainian side, it became a war for us. I am convinced of this. Everyone should understand this in order to mobilize internally,” Peskov said.

The day after the attack, Putin claimed Ukraine had links to the Krokus City Hall terrorists, telling Russians in a national address that “the Ukrainian side has prepared a window for them across the country’s borders.”

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Top pro-Kremlin propagandists such as Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of the RT news channel, have stepped up their attacks, blaming Ukraine and Western countries. She posted on social media that Western intelligence apparently played a direct role in the Crocus City Hall attack as it had identified the perpetrators.

“They knew who the perpetrator was. Before the detention. That’s direct involvement,” Simonyan posted, later adding that the source of the attack was “not ISIS,” but Ukraine.

Similarly, Russian MP Alexander Yakubovsky claimed that “the Nazi terror regime in Ukraine was behind this terrorist attack and may have used radical Islamists, but this would not have been possible without Western intelligence” Target.”

Pyotr Tolstoy, another hardline Russian lawmaker, posted on Telegram that the attack could not be viewed in isolation from “the collective war with the West for a peaceful future for our children.”

The Kremlin blamed Ukraine and Western countries for the attack, which appeared to have succeeded in mobilizing Russians for the war. The Russian Defense Ministry announced on Wednesday that 1,700 Russians were signing contracts to fight in Ukraine every day, many of them inspired by the attack on Krokos City Hall. It announced that 16,000 people had signed contracts in the past 10 days.

According to Islam Khalilov, a 15-year-old coat check boy, authorities did increase security at Crokes City Hall shortly after the United States informed Russia of the warning. He told Russian media: “We were warned a week ago that an attack was possible. There was training. They told us what to do, where to lead people. In principle I was ready. That week the most stringent conditions were imposed on the dogs examine.”

But just days later, on a busy Friday night, four gunmen rampaged through Crocus City Hall, shooting at concertgoers and setting fire to the hall without any resistance, according to live video.

It’s unclear why security was relaxed again. Russian officials and pro-Kremlin news outlets have avoided the issue, instead focusing on blaming Ukraine and the West.

Speaking at a meeting of the Interior Ministry on Tuesday, Putin called for increased security at concert venues, shopping malls and other places where crowds gather.

“The most important thing is to take law, order and security to the next level in crowded places, sports and transport facilities, shopping and entertainment centres, schools, hospitals, colleges, theaters etc.,” he said.

Russia’s foreign intelligence chief Sergey Naryshkin claimed on Tuesday that U.S. intelligence on the attack on Crokus City Hall was too general and unhelpful.

“In fact, the Financial Stability Board did receive the information,” he said. “The information is too general to conclusively identify the perpetrators of this horrific crime.”

Shane Harris in Washington and Natalia Abbakumova in Riga contributed to this report.

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