American Airlines allows pets on board as part of loosening pet policy

Pets can accompany their owners into the cabin. — Daily Swing

American Airlines is relaxing some of its pet policies to allow owners to bring furry friends and full-size carry-on bags into the cabin. ABC7 the report said.

Until last week, passengers who paid $150 to bring a pet into the cabin were limited to one additional small item that could fit under their seat.

Larger items, such as wheeled carry-on bags, will need to be checked for a $35 fee. They can also keep pets in the cargo hold.

American Airlines now allows passengers to bring pets in the cabin along with carry-on baggage or personal items, but not two bags at the same time.

Some pet owners criticized the old policy as unfair because they already paid pet fees.

Travel blogger Gary Leff, who first reported the change, recalled traveling with a Yorkshire terrier years ago.

“It’s frustrating that even though I pay the extra (pet) fee, the dog counts as carry-on baggage, which sometimes costs more than my ticket,” he said.

Leff said he thinks American’s changes will reduce the urge for travelers to falsely claim their pets are service animals flying for free.

A U.S. spokesman confirmed the rule change took effect on Thursday.

“We’re making this change to provide a more convenient and comfortable experience for customers flying with pets on American Airlines flights,” she said.

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