Angry elephant attacks tourists, killing one and injuring four

Zambian elephants charge tourists a fee. –AFP/File

An angry elephant attacked a group of tourists in Zambia, killing an 80-year-old American woman and injuring four others. The giant animal chased the vehicle for more than half a mile in Kafue National Park before it was sucked The animal overturned. , report daily mail.

The giant animal was chasing a 25km truck carrying five tourists on a safari.

Video posted by witnesses showed tourists shouting “Oh my god” as the five-tonne behemoth speeded along with the truck, and another truck yelled at the top of its lungs shortly before it collided with the elephant.

The ranger suddenly stopped and was attacked by the elephant. The driver realized he was under the wrath of the 10-foot-tall giant and yelled “hey hey hey hey.”

Authorities have not yet released the identity of the tourist.

The tourists are expected to be U.S. citizens staying at the Lufpa River Campground in the park, which is the oldest and second-largest campground in the world.

Wilderness CEO Keith Vincent said in a confirmation that an 80-year-old American tourist died, another tourist was seriously injured and four others suffered minor injuries.

Vincent also said: “At around 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, six guests were driving on a safari when their vehicle was accidentally hit by a bull elephant.”

“Our guides are well-trained and experienced, but unfortunately the terrain and vegetation restrict the routes our guides can take.”

The authorities have begun an investigation into the matter.

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