Another Mexican politician murdered ahead of June election

The prosecutor is southern mexico A mayoral candidate in the Pacific coast state of Guerrero was killed on Wednesday, one of six murders of local politicians ahead of this year’s June 2 national elections.

Tomas Morales wants to become mayor of Chilapa, a city in the violence-plagued state of Guerrero.

The ruling Morena party has not officially named Morales as its candidate, but he is considered a top contender in the race.

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State prosecutors said a gunman shot Morales late Tuesday outside his home in Chilapa. For more than a decade, the relatively isolated city of Chilapa has been the scene of bloody turf wars between ethnic groups. drug gang.

Earlier this month, Alfredo Gonzalez, a mayoral candidate in the town of Atoyac in Guerrero state, was shot dead.

At sunrise on April 24, 2023, a Mexican flag flutters in front of the National Palace, the presidential palace, in the Zocalo, the main square in Mexico City. (AP Photo/Marco Ugarte)

In late February, two mayoral candidates in the neighboring town of Maravatio in Michoacan state were killed by gunmen within hours of each other.

One of them, like Morales, is from President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s ruling Morena party.the other belongs to conservative national action party. The town’s third mayoral candidate was kidnapped and found dead in November.

On February 10, in the Mexico City suburb of Ecatepec, a man running for Congress for the Morena party was shot dead in the street along with his brother. He was allegedly threatened by local unions.

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One month ago, on January 5, the local leader of the Institutional Revolutionary Party and candidate for mayor of Suchate, Chiapas, was killed. On the same day, in the northwestern state of Colima, a mayoral candidate of the Amelia Civic Movement party was shot dead in his car.

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Mexican drug cartels often target mayors and mayoral candidates for assassination in order to control local police or extort money from city governments.

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