As birth rate plummets, country’s diaper makers shift from toddlers to adults

Sales of adult diapers in Japan exceed those of baby diapers, reflecting changing demographics. – Reuters/File

Due to the rapid aging of Japanese society, Oji Holdings announced that it will stop producing baby diapers in the country and turn its attention to the adult market. British Broadcasting Corporation the report said.

This shift in strategy is also in line with national trends observed by Japanese companies in the wake of Japan’s extremely low birth rate.

Sales of adult diapers have been higher than baby diapers for more than a decade, pointing to changing patterns in Japan’s aging population. The number of births has decreased, with the number of births in 2023 falling by 5.1% from 758,631 to the lowest level since the 19th century, which is the opposite of the 2 million births in the 1970s.

Oji Nepia, a subsidiary of Oji Holdings, currently produces 400 million baby diapers a year, but that number is down from a peak of 700 million in 2001. According to Unicharm statistics, the growth of the adult diaper market in 2011 even exceeded the growth of the baby diaper market. A unique market model emerges.

In Japan, 30% of the population is over 65 years old, and more than 10% is over 80 years old. This situation only shows that consumer demand is changing.

Additionally, the company intends to continue manufacturing baby diapers in Malaysia and Indonesia to meet expected demand in these regions.

From an economic perspective, Japan not only faces a demographic challenge, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida also recognizes the social impact of the crisis.

Converging fertility rates in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea, coupled with a second consecutive year of population decline in China, illustrate demographic shifts and the complexity of addressing these issues.

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