As court battle heats up, Donald Trump gets emotional

Former President Donald Trump watches Song Yadong fight Peter Yan at UFC 299 at Caesars Center on March 9, 2024. — Reuters

A Georgia judge on Wednesday dismissed six of 41 criminal charges against Republican White House candidate and former President Donald Trump, who has called himself one of the worst-treated people in U.S. history over his legal troubles. .

said in an interview Biggest newsDonald Trump compares seventh president Andrew Jackson (1829-1837) to 16th president Abraham Lincoln (1861-1865), insisting he was treated “above” Both of them.

“When you think about the fake stuff, no one has ever done that. No one has been treated as badly as Trump,” Trump said Wednesday.

He said he was the third person in the country to be defamed.

“Russia, Russia, Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine. It’s all a hoax, and a new hoax has actually started,” the former president said.

The 77-year-old also said: “When you win one impeachment scam, you start another impeachment scam, Impeachment Scam No. 2. All scams and scams. I say if they take the time to make America great again, It’ll be a lot easier.”

The four-times-indicted former president was impeached twice. He also faces 91 criminal charges.

Trump’s legal troubles were eased on Wednesday, however, when the judge overseeing his case for alleged election meddling dropped six of the 41 criminal charges against him.

According to US media reports, the key charge dismissed by Fulton County Judge Scott McAfee was related to “encouraging elected officials to fail to perform their public duties.”

The actor-turned-politician was first indicted last April over hush-money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels.

His three other indictments include illegally withholding classified documents after leaving the Oval Office, inciting supporters to storm Capitol Hill, and interfering with Georgia’s 2020 elections.

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He has always denied all the charges against him and called them a political persecution against him.

The business tycoon also described his fight as a “war,” adding that he was motivated because he was fighting “very evil people.”

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