Attack on hotel in Somali capital leaves 3 soldiers dead and 27 injured

  • Three soldiers were killed and 27 injured in an attack on a hotel in Somalia’s capital on Thursday.
  • The Syl Hotel, which is frequented by government officials, was surrounded by security after al-Qaida militants claimed the attack.
  • Police said all five terrorists involved in the attack were shot dead.

three soldiers An attack on a hotel in Somalia’s capital killed 27 people and injured 27 others, police said on Friday, in the latest incident that highlighted the offensive capabilities of al-Shabab insurgents.

Security services were spotted earlier around the Syl hotel, which is usually frequented by government officials and lawmakers, after al-Qaeda-aligned militants claimed the attack on Thursday night.

“Three soldiers were killed. Eighteen civilians and nine soldiers were injured in the hotel attack,” police spokesman Kasim Ahmed Roble told a news conference. five terrorists were shot and their bodies displayed. “

Somalia’s armed group said its militants attacked a hotel in the capital, causing huge explosions

Al-Shabaab has been waging a brutal insurgency against Somalia’s federal government since 2006, seeking to establish its rule based on its interpretation of Sharia law.

Somali security officials’ vehicles are parked near the Syl Hotel in Mogadishu, Somalia, March 15, 2024, the site of an attack by the al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabaab group. (Reuters/Faisal Omar)

During Thursday’s attack, residents heard explosions and then gunshots as attackers entered the hotel, residents told Reuters.

The United States will establish up to five military bases in Somalia to combat extremists linked to Al Qaeda

A second explosion occurred minutes later, a Reuters reporter and a resident said.

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Despite being kicked out of several areas government supported The armed group has still controlled large swathes of southern and central Somalia since the mid-2010s and has launched sporadic attacks against civilians and military targets.

In June, al-Shabab militants killed nine people at the Pearl restaurant in the capital. In 2019, its militants attacked the Syl Hotel.

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