Baltimore Bridge Collapse: 56 Containers with Hazardous Goods on Ship

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Coast Guard Lt. Adm. Peter Gautier It was revealed Wednesday that dozens of containers containing hazardous materials were on board the damaged cargo ship that caused the collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge.

Gautier said at a White House press conference that 56 of the 4,700 containers on the Dali contained hazardous materials, but there was currently “no threat to the public.”

“The majority of these containers are close to the wheelhouse and are completely unaffected by damage to the bow,” he said. “We have not confirmed at this time whether there will be any sort of release.”

“The really critical thing is, as you know, a portion of the bridge remains on the bow of that ship, and we will be coordinating closely with the Army Corps of Engineers and their contractors to remove that debris first and then the container can be removed,” Gautier added. “The bow is on the bottom because The weight of the bridge fragments over there. ”

LIVE UPDATES: Baltimore Bridge Collapse and Recovery Mission

The Coast Guard, in partnership with the Army Corps of Engineers, will lead the cleanup of the Patapsco River so that the Port of Baltimore can return to full operations, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg Tell reporters.

“Rebuilding won’t be quick, easy or cheap, but we will get it done,” he said.

Vehicles rescued from water after Baltimore bridge collapses

Francis Scott Key Bridge

On Tuesday, March 26, a Dali cargo ship struck the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, causing the bridge to collapse. (Reuters/Julia Nicholson)

“What we know is that a bridge like this one completed in the 1970s simply could not withstand the direct impact of a ship weighing approximately 200 million pounds on key supporting piers, which was orders of magnitude larger than the cargo ships of the day. This is The bridge was in service in the area when it was first built,” Buttigieg said.

A search was underway Wednesday for the bodies of six construction workers who are still missing and presumed dead after Tuesday’s collapse.

Pete Buttigieg interviewed by reporters

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg speaks in his capacity as U.S. Coast Guard Deputy Commander for Operations, Lt. Gen. Peter Gautier and White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre at the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore Attended a press conference the day after the collapse.White House in Washington D.C. (Reuters/Elisabeth Franz)

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“This is going to be a long, hard road,” Buttigieg said Thursday. “But we’re going to come together around Baltimore and rebuild together.”

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