Biden says Ramadan ceasefire ‘looks tough’

President Biden A ceasefire agreement in Gaza during Ramadan was “looks tough,” with the previous transformation optimism Negotiations on the preparatory stage muslim ramadan.

Israel and Hamas Mediators are trying to reach a deal that would halt the fighting and allow the release of hostages held by Hamas and Palestinian prisoners held by Israel. During a lull in fighting last year, Hamas exchanged more than 100 hostages for 240 Palestinians held in Israeli prisons.

Biden explain This week, if Ramadan is not suspended – which begins on Sunday or Monday, depending on the phase of the moon – “it could be very, very dangerous” and “we are Work towards a ceasefire. Asked by reporters on Friday whether he was worried about violence in east Jerusalem without it, he said: “Of course I am.” “

Jerusalem is home to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, where devout Muslims often spend the final hours of Ramadan praying. During Ramadan last year, Israeli raid An explosion at the mosque injured more than 20 worshipers, triggering rocket fire from Gaza and retaliatory air strikes from Israel.

With hope of ceasefire fading, humanitarian groups warn Gaza is in danger brink of famineBiden announced Thursday that the U.S. military will build Temporary ports and terminals on Gaza’s Mediterranean coast to facilitate the delivery of aid.

Here’s what else to know

The Pentagon said on Friday that the floating dock would be able to ship 2 million meals Traveling to Gaza every day, Palestinians face hunger in a worsening humanitarian crisis.EU, US and UAE same day Announce As land access to the territory remains limited, there are plans to establish a new maritime corridor to deliver aid to Gaza via Cyprus.European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the route could be operational as early as Sunday explain.

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Five people were killed on Friday after an apparent parachute malfunction caused a crate full of cargo to fall and hit them. According to a Gaza Civil Defense spokesman. Several countries, including the United States, have airdropped aid into Gaza in recent weeks.U.S. Central Command explain On Friday, it was “aware of reports of civilian deaths caused by humanitarian airdrops” and that the incident was not the result of a US airdrop.

Canada announced on Friday that it would resume funding to UNRWA, United Nations agency for Palestinians.this is one of them several countriesSeveral countries, including the United States, Britain and Australia, suspended funding after Israel accused some UNRWA staff of involvement in the October 7 Hamas attack.Canada explain On Friday it “commended the independent review of UNRWA currently underway”.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Türk on Friday condemned Israel plan Construction of approximately 3,000 settlement houses in the West Bank, explain Such a move flies “Confronting International Law.” On a February Reportturk He wrote that Israel’s establishment and expansion of settlements amounted to the transfer of its civilian population into the territories it occupied, which “constitutes a war crime.”

U.S. Central Command said early Saturday that the Houthis had launched a “massive” drone strike Enter the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. U.S. and coalition forces in the region shot down 15 unidirectional attack drones, Central Command said. The Houthis have been targeting boats in the waterway to protest Israeli military operations in Gaza, upside down Global routes.

Since the war began, at least 30,878 people have been killed and 72,402 injured in Gaza. according to Gaza Ministry of Health, without distinguishing between civilians and combatants.Israel estimates that the October 7 attack by Hamas killed about 1,200 people and said Chapter 247 Soldiers have been killed since the military operation in Gaza began.

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