Biden’s State of the Union pledges maritime aid to Gaza

President Biden’s plan to create a maritime aid corridor to Gaza, which the most generous view casts doubt on whether it will be effective — would allow for a “significant increase” in food quantities, as he said in his State of the Union address Thursday night, Providing water and medicine to Palestinians who have little access to water and medicine.

Others responding to Biden’s proposal, which includes building temporary docks and ports in Gaza and shipping aid from Cyprus, see in the plan more evidence of the president’s reluctance to confront Israel over its obstruction of aid deliveries. Israel is confrontational and continues to refuse to use Israeli aid. As Israel’s main military supporter, the United States had extraordinary leverage to change the disastrous course of the war.

Sigrid Kaag, United Nations Senior Coordinator for Humanitarian and Reconstruction in Gaza Say she welcomes plan. “At the same time, I have to repeat, air and sea are not substitutes for land,” she added, referring to aid delivered by truck to the enclave through border crossings.

US announces ‘mission emergency’ port plans as ceasefire hopes fade

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron, whose government is involved in the US maritime plan, echoed the sentiment. “We continue to urge Israel to allow more trucks into Gaza as the fastest way to get aid to those in need,” he said in a post on Friday.

The U.S. maritime program comes against the backdrop of a hunger crisis spreading across Gaza that aid officials say is man-made due to limited entry points for supplies, onerous Israeli inspection procedures and Israeli attacks on aid convoys and police escorts. Israel denies limiting aid to Gaza.

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Gaza aid delivery hampered by Israeli attacks on police and growing chaos

“Temporary docks or airdrops that could take weeks to build are not solutions,” the International Rescue Committee said in a statement. “The United States must use its influence to ensure that Israel lifts its siege of Gaza and reopens its crossings, including Karni and Erez crossings in the north and allow for the safe and unimpeded movement of humanitarian workers and aid, including fuel, food and medical supplies.”

In his speech on Thursday, Biden made a rare acknowledgment of the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza during Israel’s military offensive, including the high death toll. “This war has caused more casualties among innocent civilians than all previous wars in Gaza combined. More than 30,000 Palestinians have been killed, the majority of whom were not Hamas,” Biden said, citing statistics from the Bureau of Statistics. ministry of health iIn Gaza, he has previously derided Gaza figures as suspicious.

But in his speech, Biden “spoke as if what is happening in Gaza has nothing to do with American weapons,” said Eyad Amin, a 36-year-old resident of the enclave who has been displaced to the southern town of Rafah.

“Our problem is not aid,” he said. “Yes, there is a crisis in Gaza, but the resolution of the crisis cannot be achieved by increasing aid. We need a ceasefire. We need a complete end to the suffering,” he said.

“We need to live normally like everyone else around the world,” Amin added. “Building a port in Gaza will not change reality.”

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