Body camera video shows NYPD officers springing into action to pull man from subway tracks

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Body camera footage released by the New York Police Department shows officers rushing toward a man trapped on New York City subway tracks earlier this week.

A sergeant and two officers from the 76th Precinct are stationed at the Fordham Road station in the bronx The NYPD said they were assigned to the “mobile field unit transporting within the confines of the 46th Precinct” after they received an alert about a man who had fallen on the tracks around 2 a.m. Monday.

In the video, police can be heard saying: “The train has to stop,” as the group runs toward the panicked people under the station’s loading platform.

The man on the tracks sounds like he’s repeating “please help me,” one of the officers jumps onto the tracks, and then two other officers can be seen with their arms outstretched to help.

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When New York police found the man on the subway tracks, they took immediate action. (NYPD/X)

“Stand up, stand up, stand up,” one man said, before an officer realized the man was holding his head and bleeding.

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Police grabbed the hooded portion of the man’s sweatshirt. Pull him off track.

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Man pulled from New York subway tracks

Officers used the man’s hoodie to help pull him off the tracks. (NYPD/X)

officers remained with the man until emergency medical services arrived and took him to the hospital for treatment of a head laceration.

The NYPD posted on social media platform

NYPD Hero Subway Cop

The NYPD shared this photo of the heroic officers, named Sgt. Thomas, Officer Nunez and Officer Bertrand pulled the man from the tracks. (NYPD/X)

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A photo of the heroic officer — identified by the NYPD as Sgt. Thomas, Officer Nunez, and Officer Bertrand — shared in a subsequent post.

The NYPD did not say how the man ended up on the subway tracks.

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