Bomb squad clears Charles River after finding two explosives

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Bomb squad members swept the Charles River in recent days after removing two explosives from it under the Kendrick Street Bridge in Needham, Massachusetts, officials said.

The combined efforts of Needham police and firefighters and firefighters Massachusetts State Police The marine team, bomb squad, dive team and environmental police all came back empty-handed on Monday.

“We are pleased to report that other than some debris, no other ammunition was found near the Kendrick Street Bridge,” Needham Police said on their Facebook page.

Investigators are working to determine How about ordnance Finally fell into the river.

Crews safely detonate three World War II-era bombs in Florida Bay

The military ammunition removed from the Charles River in Needham, Massachusetts, on March 1, 2024, was described as approximately 12 inches long and 4 inches in diameter. (Massachusetts State Police/Facebook)

Charles River Crew

Bomb squad crews search for more ordnance in the Charles River on March 11, 2024. (Needham Police Department/Facebook)

World War II bomb unearthed at Florida airport

Massachusetts State Police announced on social media that a search was conducted after a magnet fisherman removed an ordnance from the river on March 1. Police said the object was approximately 12 inches long and 4 inches in diameter.The military pellets found were in a “seriously deteriorated condition” and were believed to have come from World War I or World War II Has been safely disposed of.

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Also last week, a magnet fisherman pulled a rocket launcher from the river near Kendrick Street. boston 25 news the report said. The rocket launcher, believed to date back to World War II, was taken to a dog park to be safely detonated.

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