California Good Samaritan food truck owner stops robbing elderly woman

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A California food truck owners He was taken to the hospital after a confrontation with a thief who allegedly attacked and robbed an elderly woman, FOX 11 LA reported.

Bryan Tecun, owner of Bryan’s Birrieria food truck in Long Beach, California, was driving home when he witnessed a woman being robbed and assaulted. According to the media report.

Acting on instinct, the good Samaritan jumped out of the car and ran to the old woman’s aid.

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Bryan Tecun, owner of Bryan’s Birrieria food truck, was hospitalized after stopping a robbery of an elderly woman in Long Beach, California. (go support me)

authorities said He chased the suspect to a nearby park and subdued him. Police told FOX 11 that during the confrontation, Terquin was stabbed in the ribs and stabbed in the neck and shoulder.

Turquin said he didn’t initially think he needed any medical attention, but he began to feel dizzy.

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“The police arrived and they asked me to stay and get medical attention, but I didn’t think it was too serious,” he told Fox 11. “I started sweating profusely and started feeling dizzy while driving.”

Long Beach Police Department logo

The Long Beach Police Department said Bryan Tecun was stabbed after stopping a robbery. (Long Beach Police Department)

Despite being seriously injured and eventually taken to the hospital Collapse of lungs and internal bleeding, Tecum is expected to make a full recovery.

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“I would never want something like this to happen to any of my relatives or my mom. I hope someone steps in,” he said.

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