California murder suspect stabs lawyer with pen before charging prosecutors

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one Oakland, California A murder suspect faces more charges after he broke free in a courtroom Monday morning and stabbed his lawyer in the face and head with a pen before turning his anxiety toward prosecutors.

The Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that 28-year-old Ramello Randle used a pen while attending his homicide trial at AF Bray Courthouse in Martinez, Calif., around 10:55 a.m. Monday. Attacked his lawyer. He then went to attack the district attorney, who the Sheriff’s Office said was able to push him away.

The incident was witnessed by a Contra Costa jury tasked with determining whether Randall is guilty of the July 2020 murder of his ex-girlfriend and the attempted murder of a man during an ongoing child custody dispute, the East Bay Times reported man’s crime.

The publication said Randall severed or broke through the bonds that kept him attached to a person. court chair. He then grabbed defense attorney Matthew Frege’s pen and stabbed him in the face and head before charging Deputy District Attorney Kevin Bell, who suffered cuts on his hands.

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Officials reportedly found a note written by Randall before the attack that read “Sorry.”

Randall, Bell and Frege are expected to return to court on Tuesday to continue the trial, the publication reported.

Randall was in court because he and Christopher Slaughter allegedly conspired to kill the 24-year-old mother of Randall’s child, Jonaye Lahkel Bridges.

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AF Bray Court (Martinez, CA)

A man on trial for murder breaks free from his restraints before grabbing his lawyer’s pen, stabbing him in the head and shouting at prosecutors at AF Bray Courthouse in Martinez, California, Monday, March 18, 2024 Rush away. (Google Map)

The plot allegedly involved tracking Bridges’ vehicle with a tracking device, following her to a store in Antioch and shooting at her and a man she was with.

Bridges was killed in the attack, while the man was injured but survived, the publication reported.

The case had previously gone to trial, but was declared a mistrial in November 2022 after Randall yelled obscenities at Bell during cross-examination. Randall also told Judge Charles “Ben” Burch to shut up as the judge tried to control the situation, adding that he was not his “b—h.”

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court and gavel

Inside the courtroom, a gavel can be seen. (iStock)

The judge ultimately declared a mistrial and told him he could not represent himself.

In September 2023, Frege became Randall’s attorney, and Randall allegedly punched another attorney, tripped him, and was taken to jail in handcuffs.

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Now, Judge John F. Kennedy is presiding over the case and is tasked with studying how courts handle other situations when courtroom violence occurs in front of jurors.

The courtroom was cleared after Monday’s incident and the two attorneys were evaluated by the fire department, but they refused medical treatment.

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Randall was sent back to jail and now faces additional charges attempted murderassault with a deadly weapon and battery.

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