Canadian government spends millions searching for remains of slain indigenous women in landfills

WINNIPEG, Manitoba (AP) — Canadian The federal and Manitoba governments agreed Friday to spend tens of millions of dollars to help find the remains of two slain Indigenous women in a landfill.

Total amount USD 20 million Canadian The two governments will allocate $14.7 million to search the private Prairie Green landfill north of Winnipeg, where the remains of Morgan Harris and Marcedes Mylan are believed to be hidden.

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Cambria Harris, Morgan Harris’ daughter, said Manitoba Premier Wab Kenew told her they would search every place in the area where her mother was believed to be. She confirmed the amount.

The Canadian federal government will spend CAD 20 million to help find the remains of two women. (iStock)

“I’m so grateful,” she said.

Jeremy Skibicki is charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of Harris, Myran and two other women. The other two were Rebecca Contois, whose partial remains were found in another landfill, and an unidentified female Aboriginal leader named “Boo” Faroese Woman” (Buffalo Woman). The Buffalo woman’s remains have yet to be found.

In 2022, police rejected the idea of ​​a search, in part because of the potential danger of toxic materials and the sheer volume of the material in landfills.

The Indigenous-led committee commissioned two reports on the feasibility of the search, which if completed within a year would cost an estimated C$90 million ($66 million).

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Missing and dead Indigenous women in Canada are often seen as low priority or ignored.

The leader of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs said she hopes the government will fund any search efforts that may be needed.

“We don’t want to have to ask for this to be done again and again,” Grand Chief Cathy Merrick said.

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