Celebrating International Women’s Day Today

International Women’s Day is being celebrated across the world today (Friday) and many special events are being organized in Pakistan.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif highlighted the importance of women and recalled Pakistani women and their contribution to the country.

“For 14 centuries, Islam has provided equal rights to women. Today, every woman is an important part of society,” Shehbaz said in her Women’s Day message.

“Today, I commemorate this day for different women who have made different contributions. Fatima Jinnah’s political vision, Mrs. Rana Liaquat Ali’s service to the country, Shahid Benazir Bhutto ”

He also said his government would prioritize providing rights to women. Today, Aurat marches will be held in three different cities in Pakistan.

The march in Islamabad, themed “Resistance and Hope”, will begin at 2 pm at the Press Club.

In Lahore, the march will start from the Press Club at 2 pm and proceed to Faletti’s hotel. Participants are asked to wear red and black during the march and are encouraged to carry Palestinian flags.

“Aurat Ehtajaji Mela and March” will be held in Karachi at 2:30 pm starting from Frere Hall. The procession will end at Teen Talwar.

On the eve of Women’s Day, the Women’s Democratic Party organized a mashal march in Larkana, where dozens of women marched holding lanterns.

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