D.C. suspect tried to set Liberty Bell on fire at Union Station, police investigating

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A suspect is at Washington DC Authorities said an attempt was made to set the Liberty Bell on fire outside Union Station.

D.C. officials confirmed the incident on social media Sunday night. Misinformation online led many to believe the suspect attempted to set himself on fire, but there were no reports of casualties.

“personal trying to set fire The District of Columbia Fire and EMS said on the X that “there was no fire outside the station, contrary to reports on social media.”

“There were no injuries, this is a law enforcement matter.”

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Police at the Liberty Bell in front of Union Station in Washington, D.C., said someone tried to set the bell on fire Sunday night. (Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

One X user was confused by the announcement.

“How do you light a metal bell?” wrote a social media user.

The bell, commonly known as the Liberty Bell, is a sculpture modeled after the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. It was a gift from the American Legion, a veterans organization, a few years after its bicentennial in 1976.

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D.C. law allowing non-citizens to vote in elections challenged by lawsuit

clock with american flag

A replica of the Liberty Bell, a gift from the American Legion, was located outside Union Station in Washington, D.C., and someone tried to set it on fire on Easter Sunday, police said. (Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)

The bronze bell has stood outside Union Station since 1981, more than six years after Congress authorized it. It is owned by the National Park Service.

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Fox News Digital contacted National Police Agency for comment.

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