Dali crew still on board after hitting Baltimore bridge

Days after the Dali lost power and crashed into the sea Francis Scott Key Bridge Crews remained on board Tuesday Large cargo ship trapped In the middle of Baltimore Harbor. Here’s what we know about the people on board and their conditions.

Who else is on board?

There are 21 sailors on board the Dali – 20 of them from India – explain Shri Randhir Jaiswal, spokesperson of the country’s Ministry of External Affairs on Thursday. Approximately 316,000 Indians work as seafarers, accounting for nearly 20% of the global total. according to Data released by the Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways of India. A spokesman for the Keybridge Joint Information Center said both pilots were still on board. That “unified command” Outreach efforts are being handled by federal and state agencies involved in the disaster, as well as the companies that manage Dali.

Shipping companies often look to India, the Philippines and Indonesia for well-trained seafarers, who are paid less than American or European crews.The company has also been Reduce the number of people on board even as a cargo ship grow upAs more and more tasks become automated, experts say.

“The first boat I went on had 42 passengers, which was actually half that number,” said David Ledoux, a consultant and retired captain who started sailing in 1984. The ship is also only about one-third the size of the Dali, he said. explain.

There are seven other ships in the port with crew members still on board, Rev. Joshua Messick Tell USA TODAY. He said his team from the International Seafarers Center in Baltimore has visited each ship to see if anyone needs to be transported to land.

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Jaiswal said one crew member was injured in the collision and had to be taken off the ship for stitches. Now, he said, “They’re all in good shape and healthy.”

Andrew Middleton, director of ministries in Dundalk, Maryland, said he had been in contact with members on board Friday morning. He said they asked for WiFi and new SIM cards to contact family members back home. Middleton’s Sea Apostle is currently coordinating with local authorities and companies and plans to deliver some of the items on Saturday.

Before the accident, Middleton took some of the crew on a shopping trip to Dundalk. He said the men were ready for a month-long trip to Sri Lanka, carrying food and other necessities.

National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Jennifer Homendy told reporters that a cook was cooking in the kitchen when she boarded the ship on Wednesday. “It smells delicious, and I’m hungry,” she said.

Will the crew be transferred off the ship?

Not yet under Key Bridge Unified Command. Authorities said in a statement on Friday that they had “no plans to disembark the Dali’s crew.” Instead, unless safety concerns change, crew members “are likely to disembark while the vessel is moving or leaving the water.”

in a Friday press conferenceOfficials said moving the ship is a second priority after shipping lanes into and out of the Port of Baltimore are reopened. Once the bridge components are removed, moving the ship will require a damage assessment, including divers checking for underwater damage, and then getting permission from authorities to tow the ship, LeDoux said.

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Middleton said if the crew disembarks the ship and comes ashore into the United States, they will need a shore pass from U.S. Customs and Border Protection. A spokesman for the bureau did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether the entire Dali crew had been allowed ashore.

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