Death toll in Moscow attack rises to 143, migrants face anger and attacks

Russian authorities on Wednesday raised the official death toll from the terrorist attack at a Moscow concert venue to 143, with Telegram channel Baza close to Russian law enforcement reporting that as many as 95 people were missing and not listed as dead. or injured.

Four gunmen armed with automatic weapons stormed the Krokos city hall in the Moscow suburb of Moscow on Friday, shot dead many concertgoers and then set it on fire, the Russian emergency service said, citing official health ministry data. of this building. . Russian authorities said many of the victims appeared to have died from smoke inhalation.

Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, but top Russian security officials claimed without citing evidence that Ukraine, the United States and Britain played a role in organizing it.

Russian security forces arrested four men, all Tajikistan citizens, and accused them of carrying out the attack. The men appeared in a Moscow court on Sunday and showed signs of severe beatings. Video widely circulated on Russian social media showed evidence of torture, including a man’s ear being partially severed.

Baza’s report suggests the final death toll may be much higher than 143. Authorities said about 360 people were injured in the attack and dozens remain hospitalized.

Meanwhile, raids on dormitories and workplaces where Central Asian migrants live and work have surged following Friday’s attacks, and checks on migrant workers have been stepped up.

Russia is home to millions of Central Asian immigrants and migrant workers, who face widespread discrimination that is sure to intensify after the arrests during the Crokus City Hall rampage.

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There has been a reported surge in xenophobic aggression by Tajik immigrants, with attacks targeting immigrant communities in cities across Russia.

In the city of Blagoveshchensk in the Amur region in Russia’s Far East, a shopping mall frequented by Central Asian immigrants was set on fire by unidentified assailants. The city’s mayor, Oleg Imameyev, said the motive for the arson was “clearly racial.” In Kaluga, southwest of Moscow, a group beat three Tajik citizens, one of whom was hospitalized.

Police and National Guard troops raided a huge warehouse on the outskirts of Moscow on Wednesday, state news agency TASS reported.

The TASS news agency reported that authorities were checking passports and work permits at the warehouse, which employs at least 5,000 people. Independent Russian media ASTRA reported that police used batons to beat those who tried to resist inspections.

Video shared on a Russian Telegram channel showed dozens of people being led away from a warehouse used by e-commerce company Wildberry, with police cars parked near a large group of people wearing purple uniforms. Russian Telegram channel Masha reported that at least 40 people were detained.

Russian Tajik singer Maniza expressed concern in a post on Instagram that the national outrage over the attack on Krokus City Hall “will fall on Tajiks and all Central Asians.” Maniza called for mercy. “Despite the horror and darkness, we have an obligation to continue to be human,” she said.

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