Details emerge of Clinton airport executive’s death in Arkansas

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An Arkansas airport executive director was shot and killed by federal agents during a raid on his home this week after he allegedly sold numerous firearms, some of them, without a license. used in crimeauthorities said.

A partially redacted affidavit filed by an agent with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) alleges that Bryan Malinowski, 53, was the agency’s executive director. Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport Between May 2021 and February 27, 2024, he purchased more than 150 firearms in Little Rock and then resold them without a firearms license.

The weapons included two dozen Glock 45 9mm and AR-15 handguns, the affidavit said.

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Clinton National Airport Executive Director Bryan Malinowski died after being wounded in a shootout with federal agents serving a search warrant at his home. (Stephen Swofford/Arkansas Democrat-Gazette via AP)

The ATF said six of the guns Malinowski allegedly sold were discovered after being linked to crimes. The other three were purchased from him by undercover ATF agents at an Arkansas gun show.

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One of the guns mentioned in the document was found in 2022 in the possession of a 15-year-old Norteño gang member in California. The investigation began in November when a confidential informant contacted Canadian authorities and showed them a photo of the weapon with an apparent serial number.

The guns were traced to Malinowski.

Malinowski purchased a gun Legally and checked a box on the purchase form indicating the gun was for him. However, he allegedly resold the weapons as a vendor at gun shows.

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Brian Malinowski sells guns

Photo taken by Bryan Malinowski, an undercover ATF agent, while selling guns at a gun show in Arkansas. (Ministry of Justice)

The weapons were allegedly ordered online and shipped to a business, redacted in the affidavit, where he would pick them up.

Agents said some cellphones and electronic devices contained evidence of transactions between Malinowski and clients. Authorities also released photos taken by an undercover ATF agent of Malinowski allegedly selling guns at a gun show.

Investigators even placed a tracking device in Malinowski’s car and followed him for several days. No charges were filed against him.

The Malinowski family said in a statement released by their attorney Thursday that they had experienced an “indescribable, almost incomprehensible tragedy.”

Bryan Malinowski, Executive Director, Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport

Brian Malinowski, executive director of the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport, was shot and killed Tuesday as federal agents executed a search warrant. He died Thursday, his brother said. (Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport)

“The worst part is that gun owner and gun enthusiast Brian Malinowski has been charged with conducting private gun sales to people who may not have the legal right to purchase firearms,” ​​the statement said. “At this time, we will await all the facts. The truth comes out. In the meantime, we ask the public and the media to respect our privacy.”

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ATF agent Malinowski was wounded in a shootout with authorities when his home was raided around 6 a.m. Tuesday, officials said.

He died Thursday, his brother previously told Fox Digital News.

“Even if the allegations in the affidavit are true, they cannot justify what happened,” the family said.

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