Did Shakespeare have a secret sister?Long-lost documents revealed

Joan Shakespeare: Uncovering the Great Poet’s Forgotten Sister. —Reuters/File

William Shakespeare’s family history has taken a surprising turn with the discovery of a long-lost sister, Joan Shakespeare, who was five years younger than the famous playwright.

The secret emerged in a study led by Professor Matthew Steiger at the University of Bristol.

Contrary to popular belief, Joan is vividly represented in the constitutional document known as the “Spiritual Testament,” of which she is believed to be the author, although it was once thought to have been written by her father, John Shakespeare.

This discovery gives us a new truth that dramatically alters the past and reveals Joan in the shadow of Shakespeare’s family.

When Joan was a happy commoner in Stratford-upon-Avon, her threads were intertwined with her brother’s now famous signature. However, her contribution has gone unnoticed until now.

Not only did Mary show her compatibility with her husband by getting married and having children, but she also showed her passion for writing behind the adaptation of The Last Will and Testament of the Soul, which reveals her literary interests.

The solution to the strange mystery of “The Spiritual Covenant” is the result of Professor Steiger’s expert research, thus clarifying its authorship and historical value.

Research dating back to earlier versions of the text proves that Joan was in fact the true creator, dispelling erroneous assumptions about Shakespeare’s lineage.

Joan’s femininity may have been a hindrance, as her literary achievements were overshadowed and stood behind her brother’s impressive literary achievements.

The paper, published in Shakespeare Quarterly, is a milestone in itself, ranking first and filling a gap in our understanding of social norms in Shakespeare’s time.

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