Domestic dog kills 1-year-old baby in East Hartford, Connecticut

The video is still taken from a video posted on March 14, 2024, showing 1-year-old baby Lennox playing with his aunt. — NBC Connecticut

A domestic dog mauled a one-year-old baby to death on Fuller Avenue in East Hartford as the family planned to celebrate the baby’s first birthday that night, according to local authorities.

The child’s family said the attack occurred while Lennox was playing with his mother. They also told local media that their dog had never behaved aggressively in the past.

Lennox’s father was quoted as saying in a statement nbc connecticut Report: “If the dog behaves aggressively or similarly, trust and trust that it will not be around the baby.”

The neighbor said he heard the screams and rushed to help, but was unsuccessful.

The resident said: “I was trying to fight off the two pit bulls and do whatever I could to help the baby. A minute seemed like an eternity. [It was] A long battle. “

The 1-year-old’s aunt said Lennox was still alive in the ambulance, struggling to stay with us as long as possible.

The attack also injured the baby’s pregnant mother, who broke down in tears as she recalled how the dog “climbed up the trampoline and then grabbed the baby”.

The child was seriously injured and died after being taken to the hospital.

The dog was described by police as a mixed breed. Another was also taken from the residence where the attack occurred.

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