Donald Trump runs meme page on Instagram

Former US President Donald Trump is going out of his way to target his political opponents. – Reuters/File

As the November 5 presidential election approaches, former US President Donald Trump will spare no effort to target his political opponents.

However, when he criticizes his opponents, he seems to rely more on sarcasm. Trump posted two memes in recent Instagram posts — both aimed at Biden.

In his latest post, Trump lashed out at Biden’s immigration policies. In the video, Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, can be seen standing at the border as migrants enter the United States.

“Crooked Joe Biden’s invasion!” Trump captioned the post.

When Biden took office as commander-in-chief in 2021, he vowed to overturn Trump’s harsh immigration policies. Yet he has had little success there, and record numbers of migrants arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border have done little to dent his political vote bank.

Trump was quick to capitalize on the opportunity, attacking Biden over his immigration policies at every opportunity.

Commenting on Trump’s post, one user wrote: “Brothers has grown into a meme page.While many Trump supporters praised him, others mocked the post.

Donald Trump runs meme page on Instagram

In another post, Trump posted a photo of Biden looking at Obama. The text on the image reads: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to mess things up – Barack Obama.”

Donald Trump runs meme page on Instagram

As the election neared, Obama began interacting regularly with Biden. The former two-term president does not want Trump to return to power.

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