Dutch anti-Muslim leader Geert Wilders won’t become prime minister despite poll win, here’s why

“My love for my country and my constituents is great and more important than my own position,” Wilders said.

Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders attends the Schiphol Justice Building. –Reuters/File

Dutch populist Geert Wilders, leader of the Freedom Party (PVV), has decided to withdraw from the race for prime minister despite his party’s significant victory in the 2023 elections. British Broadcasting Corporation scold.

“I can only become prime minister with the support of all parties in the coalition. But that is not the case,” Wilders said in a statement published by X.

He added: “I want a right-wing cabinet. Less asylum and less immigration. Dutch for one. Love for my country and electorate is great and more important than my own position. I love Dutch.”

Although the PVV emerged as the single largest party in the Dutch elections, it had to form a coalition with other parties. Dialogue with the VVD (centre right), NSC (New Social Pact) and BBB (BBB farmers’ party) seems to be at an impasse.

Wilders said a right-wing cabinet addressing immigration and asylum issues was his priority, not his personal ambitions. He claimed that he was serving his country, not himself.

Despite his efforts, discussions with other parties failed to reach consensus and a parliamentary debate on the subject is expected on Wednesday.

Wilders said in another tweet: “Don’t forget: I will still be Prime Minister of the Netherlands. With the support of more Dutch people. If not tomorrow, then the day after tomorrow. Because the voices of millions of Dutch people will be heard arrive!”

The decision taken by the Dutch politician at the age of 60 is not limited to Dutch politics, but has repercussions across the EU due to the Netherlands’ status as a founding member of the EU. The decision in the parliamentary debate will be a key factor in determining the future prime minister, which is not yet known.

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