Eric Trump breaks silence on Donald Trump bonds

Eric Trump, son of former President Donald Trump, speaks as supporters of Donald Trump gather at the White House in Washington, January 6, 2021. — Reuters

As the deadline approaches to file bail of up to $464 million in a New York court in connection with a civil fraud case, Eric Trump, the son of former US President Donald Trump, has broken his silence on the huge sum of money. criticized the verdict.

while speaking fox news On Sunday, Eric Trump also said people laughed when he asked about bank bonds on behalf of his father.

“No one has ever seen a bond of this magnitude,” said Eric Trump, executive vice president of the Trump Organization. “Everybody, when I say to them ‘Hey, can I get a $500 million bond?'” They laugh. . Top executives at major insurance companies had never seen anything so big. “

Former President Donald Trump attends a campaign event in Manchester, New Hampshire, on April 27, 2023. — Reuters
Former President Donald Trump attends a campaign event in Manchester, New Hampshire, on April 27, 2023. — Reuters

He also told the media how the court decided to award $454 million in damages, saying: “You know what that is, it’s a skewed number. There are no victims; there are no numbers. The number should be zero,” he said , adding “My father [Donald Trump] Running a great company. I run a great company. We have never defaulted. We have never missed a payment. “

The 40-year-old son of the late Ivana Trump also claimed the former president played a major role in the development of New York City.

“I’m a guy who grew up in New York; my dad built the New York skyline… They were trying to bankrupt my dad or trying to take away everything he could have put into his own campaign resources to run for president,” the businessman said.

Eric reiterated the difficulty of filing bonds, saying it was “virtually” impossible for the businessman-turned-politician to issue a $500,000 bond.

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“It’s counterproductive because he’s going to win the election in November and everyone in the country knows what these people are doing,” he added.

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