Farmers block streets, throw beets and spray excrement at police outside EU headquarters

Hundreds of tractors once again blocked streets near farms on Tuesday, with farmers throwing beets and spraying excrement at police. European Union Agriculture ministers were here seeking to ease a crisis that has led to months of protests across the 27-member European Union.

Farmers are protesting what they see as excessive red tape and unfair trade practices, as well as increased environmental measures and cheap imports from Ukraine. “Let’s make a living from our profession,” reads a billboard on a tractor, blocking a main road littered with hay, potatoes, eggs and manure.

EU plans to tackle climate change put on hold after farmers’ protests across Europe

Police used tear gas and water cannon to hold back farmers and about 250 tractors as the protests turned violent, even as ministers met to push for measures aimed at quelling the crisis. Authorities asked commuters to stay away from Brussels and work from home if possible.

and The protest took place in Farmers from Finland to Greece, Poland and Ireland have won concessions from EU and national authorities, ranging from loosening controls on farms to weakening pesticide and environmental rules.

A major European Union plan to better protect the natural environment and combat climate change in the 27-nation bloc was postponed indefinitely on Monday, underscoring the far-reaching impact of the protests on politics.

A farmer uses a tractor to dump manure and hay on a main road near the European Council building in Brussels on Tuesday, March 26. (AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert)

“To have a strong Europe, you need strong agriculture. So we are here to remind them that their farmers should be the priority,” said Belgian farmer Jolin Tagg. “We have to deal with a lot of administrative tasks. We have to deal with a lot of environmental restrictions. We are in favor of doing our best to protect the environment, but agriculture should still be a priority. “

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EU member states on Tuesday tentatively approved proposals amounting to weakening or cutting rules in areas such as crop rotation, soil cover protection and farming methods. Small farmers, who make up about two-thirds of the workforce and are among the most active in the protest movement, will be exempted from some controls and penalties.

The EU Parliament is expected to take a decision on the proposals in late April.

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Environmentalists and climate activists say the change EU policy Under pressure from farmers, regrettable. They say short-term concessions will haunt the EU for a generation as climate change hits the continent harder.

Politically, the group has moved to the right over the past year. The plight of farmers has become a rallying cry for populists and conservatives alike, who claim that the EU’s climate and agricultural policies are nothing more than the bureaucratic bungling of elite politicians who have lost any sense of soil and land.

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