Florida woman allegedly broke into ex-boyfriend’s home, throwing food and soda

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Florida woman arrested According to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, she broke into her ex-boyfriend’s home, spilled pickled pork on his couch and hit him with a bottle of Sprite.

Deputies released video of the suffering of 22-year-old Aukievah Reddick.

On March 1, Lee County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a burglary at an apartment complex.

The doorbell camera captured Reddick taking a spare key from under the doormat and entering the home.

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Okewa Reddick also threw a Sprite bottle at her ex-boyfriend during the argument. (Lee County Sheriff’s Office)

After officers arrived, body camera footage showed Reddick holding a bottle of Sprite outside the home, which she then allegedly threw at the victim, identified as her ex-boyfriend, and struck him.she also He allegedly threw things and broke items at the home.

As the officer tried to separate the two, Reddick began yelling at the victim and stated multiple times that she wanted to fight him.

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In the video, the officer asks Reddick to walk to a tree away from the victim so he can talk to the victim.

The suspect said she would listen to the officer, but pointed her finger at her ex-boyfriend and said, “You, I won’t listen.”

She even took a bottle of bacon and poured it on the victim’s couch, according to deputies.

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Okewa Reddick Photos

A Florida woman has been arrested after allegedly breaking into her ex-husband’s home, throwing a Sprite bottle at the victim and dumping marinated pork on his couch. (Lee County Sheriff’s Office)

Before authorities arrived, the man claimed Reddick texted him saying she was coming over, even though he wasn’t home at the time, according to the affidavit obtained by WFLA.

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Reddick was arrested and taken to Lee County Jail on charges of battery, theft and criminal mischief, according to arrest records.

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