Former football star Robinho turns himself in for rape and begins serving a nine-year sentence

SAO PAULO (AP) ā€” Former soccer star Robinho He turned himself in on Thursday to begin a nine-year sentence in his native Brazil, more than a decade after he was first accused of raping a woman in Italy.

Robinho, 40, leaves his apartment building in the seaside city of Santos. sao pauloin a black police car.

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The first hours of his detention, as required by Brazilian law, are expected to include a hearing with a judge to discuss possible violations in the proceedings that led to his arrest.

Robinho will then be taken to prison, but authorities have not disclosed the details.

Robinho is about to serve nine years in prison for raping a woman in Italy more than a decade ago.

Earlier on Thursday, Supreme Court Justice Luiz Fux refused to grant Robinho a writ of habeas corpus that would have allowed him to remain free until there are no more pending appeals. His lawyers want the former footballer to have a new trial in Brazil on grounds of national sovereignty.

A Brazilian The High Court ruled on Wednesday that Robinho must serve his sentence in his home country for a 2017 rape conviction in Italy.

Judges at the High Court of Justice in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, voted 9-2 to confirm the former Real Madrid, Manchester City and AC Milan striker’s conviction.

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In 2013, Robinho participated in a group sexual assault while playing for AC Milan and was sentenced to nine years in prison in Italy.

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Brazil does not extradite nationals, leading Italy to seek to imprison him in his home country.

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