Fox First: New York City squatter allegedly ‘slept’ with ‘victim’s’ family as part of real estate deal, lawyer reveals

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Premiere on Fox – lawyer Alleged squatter Brett Flores Trying to retract the narrative about his client, he told Fox News Digital that Flores was part of a deal that helped the Landa family significantly reduce the price of their dream home in New York City.

“The Landas purchased this property from the estate of Bernie Fernandez,” Dennis O’Sullivan, Flores’ attorney in the civil court case, told Fox News Digital. “The Landas slept with Brett and they asked him to stay at the property so that the estate selling the property would have to offer a discount to any purchaser.”

He added: “After getting an incredible discount, they said to Brett we’re not going to give you any money and then they started evicting Brett.”

O’Sullivan said the Landa family agreed to pay Flores $140,000 if Flores would stay in the home and help lower housing prices. According to reports, the home was originally listed for $2.69 million, but the closing price on October 13, 2023 was $2 million. real estate website red fin.

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The Landa family purchased the beachfront home with the intention of allowing their son to live there and help care for his brother, who has Down syndrome, especially after their parents died, ABC 7 reported.

Flores lived and worked at the home, caring for 80-year-old Bernard Fernandez until Fernandez’s death on January 12, 2023. Anthony Mordente, an attorney for the Landa family, said Flores refused to leave, claiming Fernandez allowed him to stay.

O’Sullivan revealed he had a video of an hour-long conversation between the Landa family and Flores explicitly discussing the deal and congratulating him on “delivering the property at such a low price.”

Fox News Digital has not yet heard the recording and cannot verify the content of the conversation.Asked why the recording was not released earlier, O’Sullivan said it had been delayed as part of a “strategic decision” and would likely be released later. Then appear in court – The next one is planned for April.

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“The first conversation, he was [Joseph Landa’s] Based in Astoria, Queens, this man is a decorator there. …Brett spent an hour at his business — January later, apparently, after Bernie passed away — and he visited this guy’s business and they discussed the concept of Brett sitting tight, and then the Landas negotiated It’s an incredible discount,” O’Sullivan said.

O’Sullivan said the information was first revealed in court last week during a hearing on the harassment case between the Flores and Landa families, with the attorney representing Flores in the case blurting it out in a moment of frustration these messages.

Joseph and Suzanne Landa spoke to Fox News Digital via Zoom after news broke about their efforts to oust Brett Flores. (Fox News Digital)

When asked to respond to the new charges, Daniel Landa, who contacted news outlets on behalf of the family to arrange interviews and answer questions, told Fox News Digital: “Hopefully all of this will be resolved at our next court date. .”

When pressed on what allegations, if any, they hoped to refute, Daniel Landa responded: “We are in litigation.”

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The Landa family previously told Fox News Digital they took over the house, but knew they would also have to take over the legal process of evicting Flores. Fernandez, who left his estate to his nephew, went to court several times without a final remedy to the problem and finally put the house up for sale on July 24, 2023.

Zillow also shows the home’s final sale price at $2 million. The real estate agent involved in selling the home did not respond to Fox News Digital’s inquiries about the property.

Long Island squatter Brett Flores talks on the phone in court hallway

Brett Flores was interviewed by phone on March 18, 2024, at the Queens Criminal Court in New York City. (Fox News Digital Investigative Media)

O’Sullivan did not dispute these facts of the case, but he revealed that a new twist in the story – which he has repeatedly promised would “turn the whole story around” – is that the Landa family used Flores to drive down the price, which he refused to to pay $140,000, initially claiming he didn’t get the house down to $2 million and trying to force him to pay less than originally agreed.

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landa family Previously told Fox News Digital They offered to pay Flores the money and went to court with a checkbook – something O’Sullivan confirmed – but Flores refused to accept the money.

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O’Sullivan said that by the time the family caved and tried to pay the money, the situation had taken on a “slanderous element” beyond the initial fee, describing how even representing Flores had caused him personal trouble and ” People seem to think differently about me.”

“They said a lot of bad things about him, it was broadcast all over the United States, it was broadcast in the UK… even [former HUD Secretary] Ben Carson is on TV discussing the case,” O’Sullivan said.

He also revealed that the Landa family may own at least three houses in addition to the house involved, all of which are located in One Douglaston Community In Queens, they moved to another house nearby after leaving their previous home to their son.

O’Sullivan is still considering whether and when his client will be allowed to speak directly to the media. When Fox News Digital interviewed Flores after the assault charges against him were dismissed, he made no comment or even answered questions.

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Flores filed for bankruptcy in January, but because he doesn’t own the house, it doesn’t count toward his estate and he can continue to live there during the moratorium.

“We are lifting the automatic bankruptcy process so that we can go back to court and proceed with trial,” Anthony Mordent, an attorney for the Landa family, told Fox News Digital this month. “I think we’re going to be successful. I don’t have any reason to Explain any reason the bankruptcy judge has to keep the stay in effect.”

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