French government hit by ‘unprecedented’ wave of cyberattacks

this French government It said on Monday that several of its services had suffered cyberattacks of “unprecedented intensity” and that it had activated a special crisis center to restore online services.

Prime Minister Gabriel Attal’s office said in a statement that the attacks began on Sunday night and hit multiple government ministries, but gave no details. By Monday afternoon, “the impact of the attack on most services had been reduced and access to government websites had been restored,” the report said.

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Cybersecurity experts believe a hacking group called Anonymous Sudan As a pro-Russian, claimed responsibility for the attack in online posts. The French prime minister’s office and the digital security agency would not comment on the claims or provide details of the attack’s targets or the damage it might have caused.

French Minister of Education and Youth and current Prime Minister Gabriel Attal asked a question to the government at the National Assembly in Paris on December 12, 2023. (Bertrand Gay/AFP via Getty Images)

A French official said the attacks were denial-of-service attacks, a common type of cyberattack that involves injecting large amounts of data into a website in order to overwhelm it and take it offline.

The French government had pushed to improve cyber defenses ahead of the outbreak paris olympic games this summer, and the devastating ransomware attacks that have occurred in recent years (including one targeting hospitals in 2021).

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The French government accuses Russia of a long-running online manipulation campaign against Western supporters of Ukraine, including by mirroring the French Foreign Ministry website. President Emmanuel Macron has taken an increasingly hardline stance against the war waged by Moscow and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine.

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