French parliament passes anti-hair discrimination bill

France’s lower house of parliament approved a bill Thursday to ban discrimination based on hair texture in the workplace, a bill that supporters of the draft law said would hit black women, who mostly wear natural hair.

Olivier Selva, a representative of the French overseas territory of Guadeloupe in the Independent National Assembly and sponsor of the bill, said the bill would punish any workplace discrimination based on “hair style, colour, length or texture”.

About 20 U.S. states have similar laws that treat hair discrimination as a manifestation of racism. In the UK, the Equality and Human Rights Commission has published guidance against hair discrimination in schools.

Sewa, who is black, said “Afro” women were often encouraged to change their hairstyles before job interviews. Supporters also say men with hairstyles such as braids are also affected.

The bill passed the House of Representatives with a vote of 44 in favor and 2 against. It will now go to the upper chamber of the Senate, where the right-wing majority holds a vote that is less certain.

Ceva also included in his proposal the discrimination suffered by blond, red-headed and bald men, pointing to a US study showing that a quarter of black women surveyed said they had been discriminated against for their hairstyle during job interviews. Exclusion from work. .

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