Germany decriminalizes personal possession of cannabis

German cannabis campaigners and enthusiasts lit up celebratory cigarettes and booze at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate in the early hours of Monday morning, gathering for a legal “smoking” event to mark the entry into force of the country’s newly liberalized cannabis laws.

The German government passed legislation allowing adults to possess small amounts of the drug, making it the largest country in the European Union to legalize possession for recreational use. The purchase and sale of cannabis remains prohibited and may result in fines and jail time.

Adults can now carry up to 25 grams (nearly an ounce) of marijuana and keep up to 50 grams at home.They can also grow up to three plants for personal use under the following conditions law Germany’s Federal Council passed the bill last month and it came into effect on Monday.

However, adults who don’t want to grow their own plants can join a “cannabis club” starting in July. They are a licensed, not-for-profit growing cooperative with a membership cap of 500, who must be “actively involved in growing” to receive the club’s cannabis. “The law does not provide for a passive membership solely for the purpose of purchasing marijuana,” BundesratGermany’s upper house actually said this when announcing the law.

Marijuana is slightly more restricted for young people between the ages of 18 and 21, but it is still illegal for minors.

“Today, the state is ending decades of police harassment of harmless marijuana users. This is a big step in the right direction.” explain Georg Wurth, president of the German Cannabis Association, has been campaigning for legalization for decades. “Today the whole world is watching Germany. There will be many imitators.”

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Although the number allowed in Germany is relatively small, adults can have New York, for example, has a maximum limit of three ounces of flower – the new law still makes Germany one of the EU’s most lenient countries on cannabis.

malta The EU also has one of the most liberal cannabis laws, allowing adults to carry up to seven grams of cannabis, but smoking in public places is banned. still prohibit. Luxembourg last year began allowing residents to grow cannabis for personal use. Although the Netherlands is known for being lax about cannabis, it is still illegal to possess or sell it there.But there is one “Tolerance” policy This allows coffee shops to sell small quantities of the drug.

At the Brandenburg Gate from Sunday until midnight on Monday, people danced, played music, held signs and posed for photos with a giant fake marijuana plant as smoke filled the sky above their heads. “We don’t want to be criminals!” read one attendee’s sign.

“Celebrate the end of cannabis prohibition legally with us! Light up at 12 am” German Cannabis Association Berlin Chapter wrote Promote its events on social media.

The legislation was proposed by Germany’s ruling coalition, made up of Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s centre-left Social Democrats (SPD), the Greens and the Free Democrats.

“Cannabis consumption has been on the rise since yesterday or so and has been increasing. Now it’s out of the taboo zone.” wrote SPD Health Minister Karl Lauterbach said the new legislation would be better for detoxification, youth prevention and the fight against the black market.

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Some within the federal government expressed concerns about the law before and after it was passed.

In a statement on March 24, Friedrich Merz, leader of the opposition and chairman of the Christian Democratic Union, expressed concern about the traffic risks posed by “drunk drivers”, the health risks to teenagers and if past criminal convictions were overturned. expressed concern about the bureaucratic and judicial burden it would impose.Local media said he vowed to overturn the law if his party wins next year’s national election report.

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