Hamas health ministry says Israeli troops withdraw from Shifa hospital in Gaza

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The health ministry in Hamas-controlled Gaza said israel defense forces Troops have withdrawn from the Shifa hospital medical center in Gaza, two weeks after the Israel Defense Forces launched a second attack on the hospital.

The Israel Defense Forces confirmed the reports to Fox News on Monday morning.

“Israel Defense Forces and International Security Forces forces have completed precision operations in the Shifa Hospital area and evacuated the hospital area,” the IDF said. “The troops killed the terrorists in close encounters and recovered a large number of weapons throughout the hospital. and intelligence documents while preventing harm to civilians, patients and medical teams.”

Witnesses told The Times of Israel that the troops retreated under cover of airstrikes and artillery fire.

“Over the past day, Israeli Air Force aircraft have killed terrorists who posed a direct threat to IDF troops, including a sniper who posed a threat to the troops and was killed by an IDF helicopter,” the IDF told Fox News.

“In Khan Younis, IDF commandos are conducting operations in the Al Amal area. Troops killed terrorists in close combat, conducted targeted attacks on terrorist infrastructure in the area and arrested a number of Terrorists. During the search, troops found a number of weapons, including explosive devices.”

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The Israel Defense Forces launched the military operation on March 18, describing it as a “precision” attack targeting terrorist leaders and infrastructure.

The military said that more than 500 members of the terrorist organization have been captured and about 200 people were killed during the operation at the medical center, including several senior commanders. During the operation, more than 900 suspects were detained for questioning and more than 6,000 civilians were evacuated from the compound, Israeli Army Radio GLZ Rado reported.

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Smoke rises as Israel launches an attack near al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City on March 28, 2024, as the conflict between Israel and Hamas continues. (AFP/Getty Images)

Approximately 350 patients and medical staff Personnel at Shifa Hospital were evacuated by the Israel Defense Forces to a “designated compound” in another part of the complex, where they received humanitarian aid and supplies, The Times of Israel reported.

A spokesman for the Hamas-controlled Gaza Civil Defense said on Twitter that the Israel Defense Forces killed about 300 people at a medical center, some of them in handcuffs.

Before the recent fighting, Shifa was one of the few partially operating medical facilities in northern Gaza.

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Gaza Al-Shifa Hospital

Ambulances carrying victims of Israeli attacks crowded the entrance to the emergency room of al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City on October 15, 2023. (Photo by Dawood NEMER/AFP via Getty Images)

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The hospital also houses civilians displaced by the outbreak. ongoing war between the Israeli army and Hamas terrorists.

Under international law, medical facilities are protected sites in conflict, but they lose this status if used for military activities.

Israeli officials say Hamas uses the facilities as cover for terror operations and to obtain humanitarian supplies for its militants, denying civilians access to aid.

Fox News’ Yael Kuriel contributed to this report.

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