High school where Missouri teen was brutally attacked refuses to provide records to state attorney general

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After filing an investigation missouri school district Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey told Fox News Digital that a teenage girl was brutally beaten by another student and the school refused to comply.

Last week, Bailey told Fox News Digital exclusively that he would launch an investigation into the Hazelwood School District and its diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs lead to security failures following violent attacks.

“Hazelwood owes the district and parents throughout the community an explanation as to what role these aggressive planning and safety failures played here,” Bailey’s staff said, emphasizing that this is a focus of the investigation.

After days of silence from the Hazelwood School District, a spokesman fired back at Bailey, claiming his investigation was riddled with inaccuracies. Bailey shared the email correspondence exclusively with Fox News.

British stone.Louis teen brutally beaten in virus attack is breathing on her own and in stable condition: report

Bailey said school districts have a responsibility to explain to parents the role aggressive plans play in student safety. (Google Maps/Getty Images)

“It’s disappointing that the Attorney General is deliberately disrespecting public school district administrators and elected officials by sending false letters filled with errors to intimidate and threaten their leadership. It’s amazing that you based your decision on what you could have easily ascertained. Lies Launch Investigation. “If you had taken a few minutes to fact-check before sending your letter,” wrote Cindy Reeds Ownsby, an attorney for the Hazelwood School District.

Ornsby claimed the fight on March 8 did not occur “during the school day” but occurred after school, more than a quarter of a mile away from the school. school property, Stating that an SRO (school resource officer) is present in a school building does not prevent fights from occurring outside of school property and outside of the school day.

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Ownsby went on to point to other matches in the area that did not receive the same media coverage as this one and questioned Bailey’s integrity.

“Is this because, in the absence of official confirmation, you are assuming that the altercation on March 8 was between a white student and a black student, and that the other incidents were black on black students or student/teacher conflicts? Do you value the behavior of white students?” Is safety more important than the safety of black students? Again, without any official confirmation or concrete knowledge, do you honestly believe that the fight on March 8 was the result of a racial issue among female students that was caused by HSD’s belief in the importance of diversity for all Sex, equity and inclusion? ” Ornsby said in an email.

Exclusive: Missouri AG launches investigation into school district’s DEI promotions after teen brutally beaten

Hazelwood High School with Principal Dr. Nettie Collins-Hart

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey is investigating the Hazelwood School District after 16-year-old high school student Kaylee Gains was brutally beaten in a viral video. AG Bailey detailed the investigation in a letter to school district Superintendent Dr. Nettie Collins-Hart on Thursday. (hazelwoodschools.org/googlemaps)

“I am deeply concerned that these teenagers attend a school with a history of promoting divisive racial ideologies regarding student safety,” Bailey said.

Ownsby went on to further question Bailey and attack his character.

“As Missouri Attorney General, what community do you represent? Do you represent all citizens of Missouri? Or just white citizens? Your lack of concern for the accuracy of the charges you make, coupled with your lack of concern for what Missouri has to offer Faulty assumptions of safety. HSD may lead people to believe that you are not the Attorney General for all Missouri citizens, but only for those who look and believe you,” Ornsby wrote.

Bailey responded to the email, saying the district misunderstood the nature of the investigation after initially pointing out irrelevant details.

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“My letter cited multiple sources of information, including public reports and the district’s own policies. The most egregious ‘error’ you identified was an incorrect date reference reported by local media. As with any investigation, my office seeks to uncover” relevant the facts of the incident. The incident you publicly acknowledged involved students at Hazelwood East,” Bailey responded.

“I want to clarify that my letter does not indicate that your ‘most serious error’ is the incorrect date (and time) of the incident. Your most serious error is your allegation that race was a factor in the incident, And this allegation is unsupported. “The school resource officer would have been at the scene of the incident that occurred after school, a half mile from the school,” Ornsby wrote in a response email.

After teen brutally beaten, Missouri governor blasts schools for promoting ‘divisive racial ideology’ over safety concerns

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey during a House Homeland Security Committee hearing on Wednesday, January 10, 2024 in Washington, DC. (Graeme Sloan/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Bailey noted that he specifically used Chapter 610, which requires public government agencies to turn over records or provide a three-day letter explaining why the requested documents have not been disclosed.

“You should abide by Missouri law and do so immediately rather than direct your anger toward date references or personal attacks,” Bailey said.

Ownsby responded that the district has acknowledged receipt of the Sunshine Law request and will make every effort to provide the requested records by April 15.

Bailey said the investigation will determine whether the district violated Missouri’s Human Rights Law, which “guarantees the right of every Missouri resident to be free from discrimination and to the full enjoyment of public accommodations.”

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Kaylee is a 16 year old brutally attacked In the viral video, she was reportedly breathing on her own and has been moved out of the intensive care unit in stable condition, according to an update on her GoFundMe page on Friday.

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