Hundreds of South Koreans gather to say goodbye to beloved pandas as they set sail for China

A group of people gathered in an amusement park soaked by heavy rain, some crying in Korea Say goodbye to a beloved giant panda before departing for China on Wednesday.

Fu Bao has been a highlight at Everland near Seoul since he was born in 2020 to pandas Ai Bao and Le Bao, who passed away in 2016 after a 15-year The rental program comes here from China.

China send panda Go abroad as a sign of goodwill but retain ownership of the animal and its young. Decades of field conservation work and captive research have saved the species from extinction, increasing its population from less than 1,000 individuals at one time to more than 1,800 individuals in the wild and in captivity.

For China and Xi Jinping, even pandas are political.Now, three bears are leaving the U.S.

Many panda fans in South Korea braved the rain to attend a farewell ceremony at Everland on Wednesday for Fu Bao, who will fly to China later that day.

Fu Bao, the first giant panda born in South Korea, met hundreds of people in South Korea who said goodbye to the beloved mammal before she was sent to China. (AP Photo/Li Zhenwan)

When the truck carrying Fubao slowly drove towards the square in the rainAt the scene, many tourists wearing raincoats or holding umbrellas waved flags, shouted farewell words and took photos with their mobile phones. Some cried loudly, and some wiped away tears.

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The truck was decorated with a large photo of Fubao and the words “It’s a miracle that we met you. Thank you, Fubao.”

But she did not appear in public Wednesday. The park last displayed her to the public on March 3.

Zookeeper Jiang Zheyuan said in his speech at the ceremony: “Even if it has been 10 or 100 years, you will always be our baby panda.” “Dear everyone, Fubao is leaving. Please remember Fubao for a long, long time… Don’t cry too much!”

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Fu Bao’s mother Ai Bao gave birth to female twin cubs last year, the first pair of giant panda twins born in South Korea.

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