If Donald Trump became president, what would be the first thing he would do?

Former President Donald Trump has revealed his first steps as President of the United States. — Reuters

Republican candidate Donald Trump has revealed that his “first” and “number one” decision as US president if he wins the November election will not be to drive down commodity prices.

Donald Trump will battle for re-election against President Joe Biden amid legal troubles and a disparity in campaign finances.

Trump has been critical of the 81-year-old Biden’s immigration policies and accused him of using the Justice Department to block his path to the White House.

with new york post“The first thing I did on the first day was to close the borders,” the 77-year-old businessman said.

“I knew exactly what to do,” the former president said. “I’ll tell you the first thing I definitely had to do. That was the first thing on my mind. That was immediately, immediately, I was back in the White House. There’s no need to wait. My first priority, my absolute first directive will be to help the American people.”

“That’s all I care about,” he said.

The Republican also said his next step would be to “lower prices.”

The four-time indictee has been vocal in his calls to close the border and stem the influx of people.

In March, Trump claimed at a rally near Dayton, Ohio, that foreign leaders were sending “criminals” to the United States and called the immigrants “animals.”

The former president also reiterated that immigrants are behind the crime surge, but the magazine’s statistics CriminologyReport reveals how undocumented immigration is often linked to reduced crime Huff Post.

He also told fox news Last month: “Everything I said was right…We have millions of people coming into our country who shouldn’t be here.”

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