International reaction to Putin’s election as president

Putin won 87.8% of the vote, the highest rate in Russia’s post-Soviet history. —Reuters/File

Putin was re-elected in Russia’s presidential election, extending his rule by six years and prompting a strong reaction from leaders around the world. new delhi tv the report said.

A VTsIOM poll conducted by Russian authorities declared Putin the winner, coinciding with the end of time at 17:00 GMT in Kaliningrad, the country’s westernmost region.

An official on the White House National Security Council raised questions about the election process, saying: “Given the manner in which Mr. Putin imprisoned political opponents and prevented others from running against him, the election was clearly neither free nor fair.”

The German foreign ministry condemned the election, saying: “Russia’s sham election was neither free nor fair and the results will surprise no one. Putin’s rule is authoritarian and he relies on censorship, repression and violence. This time’ The elections’ conduct in the occupied territories of Ukraine are invalid and are another violation of international law.”

Although the Foreign Office expressed concern about Russia’s plans to hold elections in Ukraine, they made it clear that this action went against process.

The UK reaffirms its obligation to stand with Ukraine by providing humanitarian, economic and military assistance to safeguard democracy.

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