Ireland’s first openly gay Prime Minister Leo Varadkar suddenly resigns

Leo Varadkar has resigned as Taoiseach for “personal and political” reasons. —Reuters

In a shocking statement on Wednesday, Leo Varadkar, the first openly gay Taoiseach of Ireland, announced his resignation as prime minister, citing personal and political circumstances. nbc news the report said.

Varadkar, who became Ireland’s youngest sitting prime minister in 2017, revealed his decision to step down from two of his politically active positions, the leadership of Fine Gael, one of the center-right parties that make up the governing coalition including Fianna Fáil and Government including the Green Party.

Speaking at a press conference at the rear of Government House in Dublin, Varadkar highlighted the progress Ireland has made towards building a better and more equal country. While there was an unmistakable poetic tone to Varadkar’s statement, he did not reveal the reasons for his departure and was opaque about his future intentions, adding, “I have no personal or any specific political plans”.

Senior Irish officials said when the news was released it seemed like a “bolt from the blue” to all Irish people who have been protecting their long-standing beliefs and political orientation. nbc news On condition of anonymity.

Whether foreseen or not, Varadkar’s background as a qualified doctor appeared to be a factor that prevented him from committing to politics long-term, which ultimately took its toll and prompted his departure.

Varadkar’s resignation, while coming fairly close to his previous visit to the White House to meet with President Joe Biden, cannot be a factor that propels the country automatically into the general election. Instead, the proposed timetable has changed, with the election of a new party leader running until April 6, followed by a transfer of power after the Easter recess of Parliament.

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