Irish “World of Warcraft” loner kills three generations of family to comply with “suicide pact”

Daniel Allen covered his face as he was led away from Enniskillen Magistrates Court in handcuffs. — Photopress Belfast/PA wire/file

Daniel Allen waited for police to arrive on the doorstep of his burned-out rented bungalow, which was home to three generations of the same family, including a baby who lay inside the damaged walls.

On a day that Derryling, Northern Ireland will never forget, in February 2018, people tried in vain to put out the fire and save the four people inside but pushed the quadruple killer aside.

He stood looking at the door, seemingly uninterested in the fire blazing behind him, before going to the police to question who was arresting him. “I’m sorry… I set the fire. A promise is a promise. I promised to let them go into the next life because they didn’t want to be here anymore,” he said.

Allen immediately began claiming the arson was part of a suicide pact with his partner, Dennis Gossett, who, despite the chaos, stood outside unharmed and handcuffed to the bed. Her daughter Sabrina, 19, son Roman, 16, and Sabrina’s 15-month-old daughter Morgana Quinn were also at the burning building Inside.

Neighbor Maureen McGerty was washing dishes after breakfast when she saw the tragedy unfold from her kitchen window.

“I don’t believe that’s bullshit [story] Suicide pact.He deserves the electric chair,” she told Mail online.

She added: “The thought of an entire family being wiped out is hard to accept. I don’t know them – not many people here know them.”

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