ISIS-K makes resurgence amid Moscow terror attack

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recent fatal events Moscow terrorist attack The ISIS-K terrorist group has not only gained renewed attention in the United States and other European countries, but has also attracted the attention of extremists.

“It’s really a good thing that ISIS is recruiting people to show that it can attack, to show that it has influence,” Bill Roggio, a senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and founding editor of The Long War Journal, told Fox Digital News. “Anyone who wants to become a jihadist could be motivated by such an attack. “

“This is a valid type of attack. We are discussing it,” he added.

Four Tajik men have been charged in a Russian court after gunmen attacked a concert hall on Sunday, killing more than 130 people and injuring 180 others.

A Russian National Guard soldier defends a fire area above the Krokus City Hall on the western edge of Moscow, Russia, Friday, March 22, 2024. (AP Photo)

What is the terrorist group ISIS-K linked to the Moscow Concert Hall attack and the 2021 Monastery Gate bombing?

Videos of at least two of the men being tortured emerged on Telegram amid reports that Russian authorities are sending a message to other extremists after the men appeared in court and showed signs of extreme physical abuse.

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But Roggio believes the move is unlikely to succeed in preventing a terrorist attack.

“Islamic State will use these videos for future recruitment and to strengthen existing members’ attitudes toward Russia,” the security expert said. “Islamic State (IS) will use these videos as evidence of violence against Muslims by countries such as Russia.”

Moscow concerns attacker was blindfolded

In this photo taken from a video released by the Investigative Committee of Russia on Sunday, March 24, 2024, a suspect in Friday’s shooting at Krokus City Hall is escorted to the Investigative Committee of Russia headquarters in Moscow, Russia. (Russian Investigative Committee, Associated Press)

First is ISIS-K attract international attention The United States is in trouble after the 2021 bombing at Monastery Gate during the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

But until earlier this year, the group had been largely absent from the headlines, after it was responsible for two bombings at commemoration ceremonies in January. Iranian General Qassem Soleimani 95 people were killed and more than 280 injured.

Zelensky responds to Moscow concert hall shooting, slams Putin for suggesting Ukraine was behind terror attack

“Sometimes these groups operate in the shadows, and just because we can’t see them doesn’t mean they’re gone,” Roggio said. “It just means they’re becoming more visible.

“This shows that ISIS’s influence is far greater than some initially thought,” he added. “They are not limited to Afghanistan.”

Islamic State militants hold Islamic State flag in desert

A masked Islamic State soldier holds an Islamic State flag in 2015. (History/Universal Image Group, Getty Images)

Roggio pointed out that in the past three decades, Islamic extremists have launched multiple attacks in Russia after Russia launched military operations in the Middle East, South Asia, and areas with large Muslim populations such as the Caucasus, Chechnya, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan. .

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“They are trying to punish Russia for its presence in countries that the Islamic State considers to be Muslim countries that should fall under their jurisdiction,” he said. He stressed that for the Islamic State, “we are all enemies.”

“The United States, Britain, France, Russia, China— To them we are occupiers. In a sense, we are all great sateen to them,” he said. “But I’m just saying that, but more importantly, the Russians are always a target and jihadists will always be a target as long as they feel they are a threat , will take the opportunity to launch an attack. You can take one off. “

Firefighters after Moscow attacks

Russian firefighters search through rubble after Moscow terror attack (Russian Emergencies Ministry/Handout/Anadolu, Getty Images)

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White House national security adviser John Kirby said the United States remains “vigilant” about the threat posed by Islamic State to the United States, noting that Washington warned Moscow weeks ago about the possibility of such an attack.

“This is because we have been monitoring in an active way [ISIS-K] “We were able to send a warning to the Russians,” he told reporters on Monday. “Because we are watching this very, very closely, we do not see any credible threat from ISIS to the U.S. homeland.”

“But it’s not something we take for granted,” he added.

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