Israeli police foil ISIS terror plot targeting Jerusalem stadium and police station

Israel’s security agency Shin Bet said it foiled a plot by three Islamic State terrorists to carry out an attack in Jerusalem.

Authorities said two of the men planned to attack a police station and stadium using explosives and small arms. East Jerusalem. Israeli police said both men had pledged support to the Islamic State and had been trained by a third Islamic State terrorist who specialized in organizing attacks in Israel.

According to police, the third terrorist had received training abroad and urged others to do the same before the attack. However, the three were arrested last month before leaving the country.

Authorities said the three men were all in their 20s but did not provide any details about their identities.

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Teddy Stadium is one of the locations where police say Islamic State terrorists planned to attack. (Getty Images)

“Prior to their arrest, the two men had begun preparing to carry out a terrorist attack, acquiring the knowledge to make explosives and carry out the attack. A careful investigation by the Jerusalem Regional Police and the Shin Bet found that they intended to plan bombing charges and target a terrorist “Near the Jerusalem Police Station and the Teddy Stadium,” the Shin Bet wrote in a joint statement with Jerusalem police on Thursday.

The statement continued: “During interrogation, we discovered that these individuals had pledged allegiance to ISIS and had carefully planned several attacks against key areas of Jerusalem, using a variety of methods, including the planned deployment of explosives and firearms.”

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Israel’s announcement comes just a week after it announced it had foiled a massive Iranian smuggling operation. Provide weapons to Palestinians On the west coast.

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said an investigation into known Hezbollah and Iranian operative Munir Maqda ultimately revealed the smuggling scheme. The IDF said in a statement that Makeda had been working to recruit “agents in Judea and Samaria to carry out attacks.”

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iranian weapons

Israeli forces said they foiled a massive Iranian operation on Monday aimed at smuggling advanced weapons to Palestinians in the West Bank. (ISA)

“In recent months, Iranian agents have been attempting to smuggle weapons, including advanced weapons from Iran, into Judea and Samaria with the intention of carrying out terrorist acts against Israel,” the statement said.

The confiscated stash included 2 BTB15 peripheral shrapnel, 5 YM-2 Iranian anti-tank mines and 5 detonators, 4 M203 grenade launchers, 15 kg of C4 explosives, 10 kg of Semtex explosives, 13 shoulder-fired anti-tank mines bomb. Israeli authorities said they included missiles, 15 RPG launchers, 16 RPG-7 rockets with explosives, 25 grenades, 33 M4 rifles and 50 pistols.

Munir Makeda

The IDF and the International Security Agency said an investigation into known Hezbollah and Iranian operative Munir Maqda ultimately revealed the smuggling scheme.

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Israel is believed to have killed seven military commanders in an attack on its consulate in Syria this week, with the Israeli military remaining on high alert over potential terrorist attacks as well as Iranian retaliation. Israel has not claimed responsibility for the attack.

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