Italy’s 148-foot leaning tower is about to collapse, but it’s not in Pisa

Bologna launches a $20 million plan to keep Garisenda Tower in the air. –AFP/File

Italy is known as the country of leaning towers. In addition to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, there is also a leaning tower standing in Bologna, but this status may not last long.

The Torre Garisenda, a 148-foot-long tower with a four-degree bend, was a 12th-century disaster in the heart of Bologna, Italy.

according to CNNThe iconic tower, which sits next to the 319-foot-tall Asinelli Tower, was deemed to be at “high risk” of collapse last year.

The tower, which is in danger, is now off limits to onlookers.

according to new york postEarlier this week, city officials launched a $20 million plan to keep the Garisenda Tower aerial by requisitioning scaffolding, towers and other equipment from the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The Tower of Garisenda and the Tower of Asinelli were built in the Middle Ages. --AFP/File
The Tower of Garisenda and the Tower of Asinelli were built in the Middle Ages. –AFP/File

The equipment renovation is expected to be completed within half a year.

“This will make it possible to secure the tower,” Bologna Mayor Matteo Lepore told a news conference.

The plan involves installing supports in the middle of the tower, connected to two ground anchor pulley systems, followed by masonry work.

“There will be further consolidation and restoration work in 2025 and 2026, but planning is still needed,” the mayor added.

The Garisenda Tower and the Asinelli Tower, known as the “Twin Towers,” were both built in the Middle Ages for military purposes as signals and city defense, and to show off prestige, according to the city’s tourist office.

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