Joe Biden wants Donald Trump to collapse

Democrats want the Republican Party to collapse. – Reuters/File

As the U.S. presidential election approaches, President Joe Biden is preparing a new strategy to target his rival, former President Donald Trump. original story reported.

Democrats reportedly want Republicans to collapse as he remains mired in legal troubles and becomes the only former president to be indicted.

“In recent weeks, both privately and in public, Biden has stepped up a personal, vitriolic and often sarcastic barrage of attacks against his Republican opponents, targeting his financial challenges, the pace of his campaign and even his weight .” nbc news reported.

“This is a strategy driven largely by Biden himself, according to multiple aides and advisers familiar with the approach.”

At a recent event in Arizona, the president told attendees: “Just the other day, a guy who looked like a loser came up to me and said, ‘Mr. President, I need your help. I’m burdened by debt. Devastated. I was completely wiped out. I had to say, ‘Donald, I can’t help you.’

At another event in New York City, he said: “Everything he does is too old…a little bit old and out of shape.”

Media reports said the president wrote the jokes himself. His latest tactic is similar to that of the Lincoln Project, whose ads often made Trump angry and led to public outbursts to attack him directly.

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