Little girl’s happy moment after trying to kiss the Kaaba many times

As Muslims across the globe cherish the holy month of Ramadan, many are spending quality time in Mecca and Medina while performing Umrah to make the most of this holy period.

Recently, a video taken by a Umrah pilgrim at the Grand Mosque in Mecca went viral on social media, with netizens praising her cuteness and persistence in kissing the Holy Kaaba.

The video shows young girls repeatedly trying to kiss the Kaaba to revere the holiest site in Islam, the House of Allah.

Wearing a small abaya – a type of Muslim body covering – the young boy ran towards the Holy Kaaba while worshipers were restrained to the floor by barriers.

However, a security officer tasked with regulating the flow of pilgrims and maintaining order sent the girl back to where her father was sitting among the pilgrims.

She then spoke to her father, who encouraged her to try again to reach the Holy Kaaba, but was again intercepted by security guards.

Undeterred, the little pilgrim continued her quest until her persistence and devotion impressed the security guards, who eventually lifted her above the Kaaba and helped her kiss the black stone on top of it.

The heartwarming scene of the girl succeeding in her struggle and returning to her father went viral on social media.

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