London police advising Jewish women to use swastika sparks outrage

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Video shows a London police officer having a heated discussion with a woman about the offensive nature of swastika has been circulated on social media.

video The photo was taken on Saturday during a massive pro-Palestinian rally that was being monitored by Metropolitan Police. In the video, a visibly distraught woman confronts police about an anti-Israel participant who allegedly showed off a swastika.

The official appeared to disagree that the swastika was an offensive symbol that threatened public order. He cited the Public Order Act 2023, which outlines and limits how police can deal with protests.

“Under what circumstances does a swastika not disturb public order?” the woman argued. She repeated her question several times.

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Police line up to separate Ceasefire Now protests from pro-Israel counter-demonstrations on March 30, 2024 in London, England. (Guy Smallman/Getty Images)

“I didn’t say anything about it, whether it was or wasn’t,” he replied. “Everything needs to be put into context, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, but this is the backdrop for a hate march,” another woman chimed in, while the first retorted, “Why does the swastika need a backdrop?”

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“Why doesn’t the swastika immediately represent anti-Semitism?” the woman added. “Why does it need context? That’s what’s confusing to me. It’s not even about Israel. In what context is the swastika not anti-Semitic and disruptive to public order?”

“I don’t have a deep understanding of signs and symbols,” the official said. “I know that the Nazi Party used the swastika during its founding and power in Germany.”

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Palestinian flag in London

Pro-Palestinian activists and supporters wave flags as they gather for a protest in Trafalgar Square in central London on March 30, 2024, calling for a ceasefire in the Israel/Hamas conflict. (Benjamin Krimmel/AFP via Getty Images)

The two continued to argue until the officer admitted that certain symbols would create a “group alarm.”

“Now, if you come up to me and feel collective panic and distress over someone’s symbol of…,” he said before being interrupted.

“I’m very sad. I’m very shocked,” the woman responded.

On the 1st, the Metropolitan Police issued a statement regarding the incident, suggesting that the video was taken out of context.

“The video is a brief excerpt from a 10-minute conversation with a police officer,” the response read. “During the full interview, the officer established that the person the woman was concerned about had been arrested for a public order offense in relation to the placard. “

Footage of anti-Israel demonstrators

Ceasefire protesters now protest against a pro-Israel counter-demonstration in London, England, March 30, 2024. (Guy Smallman/Getty Images)

“The officer then offered to arrange for other officers to attend and accompany the woman to identify others among the protesters she was concerned about, but after speaking with his supervisor she unfortunately left.”

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After the video was released, social media users criticized the police’s response to the woman’s arguments.

“This official is qualified to be an Ivy League president,” one X user joked.

One British commentator wrote: “Our police force has reached a new low.”

“His grandfather probably risked his life fighting the Nazis in WWII. What a shame,” another speculated.

israeli tank

An Israeli soldier stands on a tank at the border with the Gaza Strip in southern Israel, Sunday, March 17, 2024. (Associated Press)

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Fox News Digital contacted Metropolitan Police for more comments.

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