Maryland crews lift 200-ton collapsed bridge

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Staff on site Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge Work continues to remove steel and concrete at the site where the ship was struck by a container ship last week and swept away 200 tons of the damaged structure, officials said Monday.

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore said the work is about the same size as the Statue of Liberty but is a small part of the project.

“This project is huge, even the small elevator is huge,” he told a news conference.

Maryland governor says conditions for rescue divers after bridge collapse ‘unsafe’

Baltimore’s collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge photographed on Sunday. On Monday, officials said a 200-ton piece of the bridge was removed and a temporary passage opened. (AP/Mike Pesoli)

The next section of the bridge planned to be cut will weigh about 350 tons, Moore said. Authorities said the structure was located in water conditions that made it difficult for divers to see and conduct underwater operations.

“This is more complicated than we initially hoped,” said coast guard Maj. Gen. Shannon Gillies. “Diving conditions are very difficult underwater.”

He said some parts of the bridge were tangled.

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“The girders are essentially tangled and intertwined, so it’s difficult to figure out where the cuts ultimately need to be made,” Gillies said.

Moore said officials “cannot exaggerate the complexity of this operation.”

Biden vows federal government will pay for critical bridge reconstruction, House Republicans divided

NTSB on board cargo ship

In this image released by the NTSB, NTSB investigators appear aboard the freighter Dali, which struck Baltimore’s Francis Scott Bridge on Wednesday Key Bridge). (Peter Knutson/NTSB/AP)

Six construction workers die in accident bridge collapse After being hit by a Dali cargo ship in the early morning of March 26. As of Monday, only two bodies had been recovered from the waters of the Patapsco River.

Moore said an 11-foot-deep temporary channel was opened Monday on the northeast side of the bridge for use by vessels involved in clearing the debris. Officials said they hope to create another temporary channel 15 feet deep.

“We have two transits scheduled tonight to get some barges and tugboats out of the Port of Baltimore,” Gillies said. “These are stepping stones to finishing the marathon.”

Moore also said 57 businesses have applied for low-interest disaster loans since the program launched on Saturday. Businesses affected by bridge collapses may be eligible for grants of up to $2 million to cover bills and employee costs.

Aerial view of cargo ship Dali resting in water after hitting Francis Scott Key Bridge and collapsing

On March 26, the cargo ship Dali sank after colliding with the Francis Scott Key Bridge and collapsing in Baltimore, Maryland. (Tassos Katopodis/Getty Images)

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Officials are still working to determine how to rebuild the bridge, which was completed in 1977. President Biden The collapse site will be visited on Friday.

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“He’s going to see the unprecedented damage this has caused,” Moore said. “He’s going to look at the fact that we have a ship that’s almost as big as the Eiffel Tower and weighs as much as the Washington Monument in the middle of the Patapsco River.”

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