Massage parlor owner arrested for allegedly forcing employees into ‘big’ and ‘small’ prostitution jobs

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A Minnesota massage parlor owner She was arrested on suspicion of imprisoning a woman in a “small room” and using her to engage in prostitution for clients, authorities said.

Authorities in Kandiyohi County, Minnesota, responded to Wilma’s massage therapy last Saturday after receiving a 911 call from a “screaming woman,” according to court documents.

The “screaming woman” did not speak English, and responding officers used a language translation app to communicate with the woman upon arrival while waiting for a Mandarin translator to speak to the woman on the phone. Court documents reviewed by Fox News Digital showed the woman “crying loudly” on the floor.

At the same time, the police officer also saw the owner of the massage parlor, 55-year-old Ying He. The victim, whose name and age have not been released, told police that Ying allegedly struck her in the head and she felt “dizzied and had a headache.”

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Ying He, 55, was arrested in Minnesota on suspicion of carjacking a woman at a massage parlor. (Kandiyohi County Sheriff’s Office)

In comments to a translator, the woman added that Ying denied her “drinking water, cooking, turning on lights and confined her to a small room,” according to court documents.

The victim “stated that she gave a customer a 30-minute massage that day and when the customer asked for more work, her boss became angry with her and ended up hitting her on the head,” records show.

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The woman was taken to a local hospital for treatment.She told police she was from Flying from California to Minnesota on March 3 Since then, she has been confined to the massage parlor, where the owner monitors her every move from eating to bathing.

The woman said she paid a Los Angeles agency $100 to help her get a job at a massage parlor that didn’t sell “sex.”

The woman accepted the job on the pretext that her new boss would reimburse half of her airfare when she arrived in Minnesota. Instead, according to the woman’s comments to police, she claimed that when she arrived, Ying monitored all of her movements and forced her into sex work.

The victim said that when she was not with customers, she was locked in a small room and instructed to “do whatever the customer wanted her to do.” The woman told police she was instructed to perform sex acts on customers, including “small” jobs and “big” jobs.

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Massage therapy logo

Massage Therapy is located in Minnesota. (Google Map)

“Small jobs mean helping with hands Masturbating to customers. Important work meant having sex with customers,” court documents read.

The woman said she was afraid to flee the living room because the owner “would find her, and Ho’s boss in Los Angeles is a court attorney.”

After Ying denied assaulting the woman or imprisoning her, police reviewed surveillance footage from the living room and found footage showing the owner hitting the victim “on the right side of the head.”

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The video showed a male customer leaving the massage parlor and entering a separate room while the victim and Ying stood in the hallway, with the massage parlor owner allegedly speaking and “gesturing” to the victim, court documents state. Ying then ran down the corridor toward the victim and stopped in front of her, apparently causing concern to customers waiting at the massage parlor.

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“The client then ran into the hallway in his underwear and appeared to hear something before returning to the room,” court documents state.

Massage therapy parking lot

Entrance to Massage Therapy in Willmar, MN (Google Map)

The video shows the massage parlor owner returning to the room where the client was and then back into the hallway where he allegedly assaulted the victim.

The document cites surveillance video detailing how the victim then fell and pulled out his phone.

Police responded shortly after and Ying was arrested.

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fenced prison

Kandiyohi County Jail, Minnesota (Google Map)

Ying was charged with one felony count of soliciting prostitution and two misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct and fifth-degree assault.She is being held on $150,000 bail and may face If found guilty, he will be sentenced to 20 years in prison.

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Authorities conduct DNA testing During the investigation, they conducted tests in massage parlor rooms and found two sex toys known as whips in one massage room.

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