Massive five-alarm fire breaks out at Brooklyn Catholic church during Easter Sunday services

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Five-alarm fire disrupts Easter services Sunday at a Catholic church in Brooklyn, Provoking a massive response from the New York Fire Department.

A fire broke out at Our Lady of the Rosary of Pompeii on Seigel Street in Bushwick just before 2 p.m.

Video posted on X showed flames shooting from the church.

The New York Fire Department posted on X that at least six people were injured in the fire and were receiving treatment. Among those injured were three parishioners and three firefighters, whose injuries were said to be minor.

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Parishioners attending Easter services smelled smoke and evacuated and called for help. (@FDNY)

Parishioners smelled smoke and evacuated the building and called for help, the fire department said.

First Deputy Commissioner Joseph Pfeifer said: “During the Easter service, parishioners smelled smoke and were immediately evacuated. There were approximately 150 parishioners inside. We responded to the adjoining church building .” “The fire was very violent and was quickly upgraded to a five-level alarm.”

Fire officials say the fire has been extinguished It was originally on the first floor, but has been extended to the second floor. Officials said apart from some water damage, the church portion of the building was saved.

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FDNY rushes to scene of five-alarm church fire

A fire broke out at a Brooklyn church on Easter Sunday with more than 100 people inside, officials said. (@FDNY)

“One of our firefighters fell from the second floor to the first floor while fighting a fire. Other firefighters called for help to him, but he didn’t realize that the call for help was for him and he bounced off the floor and tried to run back upstairs. “He was uninjured and was able to continue fighting the fire. It just shows the courage of all of our members out here trying to save lives,” Assistant Chief Michael Meyers said.

The fire was under control at 5:18 p.m. and FDNY fire marshals are investigating the cause.

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“People are very connected to the parish, so when you see the fire tearing through the parish center and the rectory, you know the masses who have made it out safely… they’re not going to Enjoy the joy of Easter today Because they are mourning what happened in their church,” Diocese of Brooklyn spokesman John Qualione told PIX 11 News.

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