Melania Trump speaks out amid Donald Trump’s tough campaign

Donald Trump and Melania Trump in Florida on March 19, 2024. Her last appearance with Trump was at her mother’s funeral. — Reuters

Former US model and first lady Melania Trump has finally revealed some clues as she hopes to join her legally embattled husband Donald Trump in a bid to get into the Oval Office Fierce electoral battles.

Melania remains out of the public eye, with her rare appearances drawing attention as the former model casts her primary vote in Florida.

Her last appearance with Trump was at her mother’s funeral.

When asked if she would join Donald Trump’s campaign, the 53-year-old former first lady replied: “Stay tuned.”

Melania has been absent from the public eye since the former president launched his campaign in November 2022. She was not even present when her husband was first charged last March, nor did she appear with him in court.

The 77-year-old businessman told nbc news When his wife joined him on the campaign trail last year, he said, “Soon.”

Trump said: “She is a private person, a great person, a very confident person, she loves our country very much, and to be honest, I like to keep her away from this country. This is so disgusting and so That’s despicable.”

according to a CNN According to reports, Melania is mainly focused on her son with Baron Trump, who is likely to complete high school in Florida in the spring.

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